Report: Biden app allows illegal immigrants to buy ‘ghost flight’ tickets to U.S. city of choice

by WorldTribune Staff, September 21, 2023

A new program put in place by Team Biden has allowed more than 200,000 illegal aliens to use a mobile app to purchase airline tickets and board “ghost flights” which take them directly to a U.S. city of their choice, a report said.

More than 200,000 illegals have reportedly taken the DHS ‘ghost flights.’

“DHS cajoles tens of thousands of intending illegal border-crossers per month to instead go on the CBP One smartphone application and make an appointment with U.S. officials at land ports of entry instead of crossing illegally. After making an appointment, DHS invites these inadmissible aliens to walk over to the American side at the land ports, where U.S. Customs officials quickly ‘parole’ them in, allowing them to travel to a city of their choice in the nation’s interior,” according to the report by Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analyst Todd Bensman.

CIS sued the Department of Homeland Security for documents on the program. The destinations of the illegals were redacted from the documents.

“U.S. Customs officers parole them into the nation, sight unseen, and in numbers publicly unknown,” the CIS said.

Bensman said the documents he received provide the total numbers of immigrants and where they have flown in from but do not identify any of the 43 cities they have touched down in. DHS said identifying cities is a security problem.

One unidentified city, presumably Miami, has received the bulk of the flights, Bensman said.

“Haitians flew into U.S. airports in the greatest numbers from January through mid-September, a total of 76,582. These Haitians favored one redacted airport over all 36 into which they have flown. Some 47,768 flew into that airport,” the report said.

“The program was offered to Venezuelans a few months earlier, in October 2022. Since then, 63,360 flew into 43 airports, some 39,474 of them into one preferred airport. Some 46,794 Cubans flew into 41 airports, the majority of them, 33,355, favoring one in particular,” the report added.

Bensman’s report said: “It’s likely that the preferred airport in all these cases was Miami, but we won’t know for sure unless CBP provides the unredacted information.”

In the year since implementing the program, Team Biden has spoken rarely, if ever, about it, “perhaps mindful of the political outcry over the late-night ‘ghost flights’ that DHS stealthily arranges to ferry migrant children into various airports, and mindful, too, of strong recent political backlash in large U.S. cities like New York and Chicago to paroled migrants busing themselves in from the border. Here, migrants flying directly into America go uncounted in the monthly Border Patrol tallies, unnoticed, and without media inquiry, virtually all information about it almost hermetically sealed,” the report said.

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