Report: Al Gore’s firm invests in Chinese slave labor, censorship

by WorldTribune Staff, May 30, 2022

Al Gore’s investment fund which is dedicated to environmental and social justice has investments in a company that is profiting from Chinese slave labor, a report said.

Al Gore

Inconvenient truth? Here’s another:

The $36 billion Generation Investment Management, formed by Gore in 2004 and which claims to “seek transformational change needed in climate and social action,” also invests in Chinese companies which help the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censor the Internet, the Washington Free Beacon reported on May 28.

Gore’s firm has stakes in Tencent, Alibaba, and Anta, according to its investment reports.

• Tencent, a tech conglomerate, routinely censors the Internet at the behest of the CCP and has surveilled foreign users of its WeChat messaging app.

• Alibaba, which operates China’s equivalent to Google, has links to the People’s Liberation Army.

• Anta, a sports apparel company, has faced accusations of using cotton sourced from labor camps in Xinjiang.

Anta has ignored calls from human rights groups to leave Xinjiang, where the Chinese government detains more than one million Muslim Uyghurs in concentration camps. Anta said last year it uses cotton from Xinjiang and will continue to do so.

“Generation’s investments are part of a growing trend of firms touting social justice causes while profiting off companies that aid the authoritarian regime in Beijing,” the Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross noted.

Coca-Cola, Delta, and Major League Baseball came under fire last year for publicly opposing, and in MLB’s case moving its All-Star Game, Georgia’s voting integrity legislation while raking in billions of dollars from China. Days after pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta, MLB signed a licensing agreement with Tencent.

“Gore has followed a similar playbook,” Ross noted. “He accused Republicans last year of passing ‘truly un-American’ voting laws while he profited from investments in China, which is led by unelected Communist Party bureaucrats.”

John Kerry, the Biden administration’s climate czar, has refused to criticize China over human rights abuses out of concerns it would derail climate talks with Beijing.

And like Gore, Kerry “has investments in controversial Chinese firms, including one linked to labor abuses against Uyghurs,” Ross noted.

Not surprisingly, Gore and Kerry were in Davos, Switzerland, last week as business and political elites gathered at the World Economic Forum to push the “Great Reset” which ostensibly endorses transformational social and environmental justice.

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