‘Remaking this country’: Soros-funded prosecutors win key victories in Northern Virginia

by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2019

With $1 million from George Soros giving them a huge money advantage, a pair of leftist prosecutor candidates in Virginia knocked off incumbents in the state’s June 11 primary election.

The wins by Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington County and Steve Descano in Fairfax County furthered Soros’s plan to “overhaul” the U.S. criminal justice system, analysts say.

George Soros. / Wikimedia Commons

The leftist billionaire has already funded progressive district attorney and prosecutor candidates in California, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico. Outside of a few setbacks in California, most of the Soros-funded progressives have won their races.

Backed by funding from Soros’s Justice & Public Safety PAC, Dehghani-Tafti defeated Democrat incumbent Theo Stamos in the race for Arlington County Commonwealth attorney. Descano, a former Justice Department employee, bested longtime Fairfax County incumbent Democrat Ray Morrogh.

Tafti defeated Stamos by 700 votes and a 2.8 percent margin (51.41 to 48.59 percent) while Descano defeated Morrogh by 1,454 votes and a 2.1 percent margin (51.05 to 48.95 percent), according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

“I think that people don’t really understand the degree to which George Soros is successfully remaking this country and they should understand,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on June 10.

Carlson pointed to the election of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner as evidence of Soros’s influence. “In the city of Philadelphia, Soros backed Larry Krasner and the murder rate there is the highest that it has been in a decade,” Carlson said.

Carlson spoke with guest William McSwain, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who added that “Philadelphia is the laboratory for where this experiment in Soros-funded prosecutors are playing out.”

During his campaign in 2017, Kasner received nearly $2 million in contributions from Soros.

Krasner, a progressive defense attorney prior to being elected, joked during his campaign that he had built a career that made him “completely unelectable.” Krasner had previously represented Occupy Philadelphia, Black Lives Matter, and sued the police department more than 75 times. The money advantage, however, helped vault him out of a crowded Democratic field before defeating the Republican candidate, Beth Grossman, by 40 percentage points.

Days after taking over the position, Krasner purged more than 30 prosecutors from the district attorney’s office. A list of those purged at the time showed that the individuals mainly came from the homicide division, drug enforcement, and civil asset forfeiture units. The terminations additionally stalled court cases, and a judge lambasted the office after they had asked for a murder trial to be postponed due to the assistant attorney general being one of the individuals released by Krasner.

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