Question: Has politics become way too important in daily life?

WorldTribune, July 11, 2019

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Question of the Day, July 11, 2019: From U.S.  women soccer stars to journalists pushing narratives on pedophile scandals, politics is in the air. A British judge even threw the book at a journalist who tried to provide courtroom coverage of a Muslim gang accused of grooming underage girls for sex. To do so, he apparently was guilty of violating political sensitivities. The one thing that unites all these protagonists is a passion for political correctness. Are these people suffering from addiction? More to the point, is politics the most important aspect of your daily life? If not, what it?

Question of the Day, July 10, 2019:

The UK’s ambassador to the U.S. has resigned after a ‘dossier’ of his secret cables revealed him to be just as passionate and partisan in his antipathy for President Donald Trump as former UK spy Christopher Steele who was paid by the Clinton campaign to compile a dossier against Trump which was propagated to the media by U.S. intelligence officers. Steele “cannot credibly have undertaken the work without the knowledge of the SIS leadership, and therefore the UK Government,” according to a report of February 2018. Was the real collusion and interference in the 2016 presidential election orchestrated by U.S. and British intelligence officials?


Yes! – Margaret

All the evidence indicates it did as well as the elements of the FBI and CIA. – Richard

Yes! – BJ

If we find this to be true we should tariff England too. – John


Of course they did. It’s the reason documents related to the dossier are classified – sources (British intelligence ) and methods (spy work). – BB

Heck yes ! – Rebecca

YESSSSSSS! – Yolanda

Yes they did. they need to be tried for treason. – Sherrie L

The ambassador hit the road running. – Carl

Yes they did. Foreign government influence. – JW

Time to act on it. – Jim

Documents prove that both UK and Australia colluded with the corrupt Clintons and DNC…they are a disgrace and cannot be trusted. – Susan

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