Putin to NBC: Did U.S. order the assassination of Ashli Babbitt?

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 15, 2021

What happens when the incurious U.S. media fails to answer a question on millions of American minds: Who killed Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and why?

Democrats naturally have no desire to distract from their “insurrection” narrative to press for answers on the shooting of an unarmed veteran by an as yet unidentified Capitol Police officer.

Most Republicans have lost their spine on this and other issues that might raise eyebrows in the nation’s capital, now dominated by the Left. Just to be sure, Team Biden’s Department of Justice has announced it will not prosecute the officer.

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It was left to Russian President Valdimir Putin to pluck this low-hanging fruit.

In an NBC interview, Putin asked: “Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?”

Which goes to show: Unreported news can lead to disinformation campaigns by states who do not wish the USA well.

Breaking: A lawyer representing a Babbitt family member said in an appearance on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he believes the officer who shot Babbitt is the same officer who left a loaded handgun in a Capitol building restroom.

Much of the nation has been outraged by Babbitt’s death, but her death met with deafening media silence.

WorldTribune.com has regularly covered the questions concerning her death from the outset.

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