Pro-refugee activists bring Afghans to Texas towns: ‘They are proponents of our collective country’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2021

At least ten thousand Afghan refugees are eventually expected to arrive at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas at one time or another before being splayed out across the United States.

Many will remain in Texas, thanks in large part to the efforts of activist groups that are ideologically committed to rolling out the welcome mat for all migrants at all times.

“Little information offered on when thousands of Afghan refugees will arrive at Fort Bliss,” The El Paso Times reported Aug. 20.

But rest easy. Democrats are talking about an open process and transparency:

U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso, said her office has received little information on where, how and when Afghan refugees will be housed.

“The situation seems to be pretty fluid, and you know I have a lot of questions, especially as it would relate to El Paso,” Escobar said.

Escobar said the public has the right to transparency during the refugee transfer to Fort Bliss.

Why, of course it does. Ask the towns of Abilene and McAllen how that goes.

The El Paso Times reports that:

More than 22,000 Afghan special immigrant visa holders have been approved by the Department of Defense to receive “temporary housing, sustainment and support inside the United States.”


During a visit to El Paso on [Aug. 17], U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he received a briefing from officials at Fort Bliss who are preparing to receive up to 10,000 Afghan refugees under the [Special Immigrant Visa] program.

KTSM-TV in El Paso reported on Aug. 21 that the first batch of Afghan refugees had already touched down in the city:

Fort Bliss officials have confirmed that refugees from Afghanistan arrived at the military post on Saturday and they’re expecting more arrivals to continue in the days to come.

According to a press release from Fort Bliss, the Army post is one of three military installations temporarily housing Afghans.

A thousand service members will help with what Fort Bliss is referring to as “Operation Allies Refuge.”

Hovering over all of this latest surge of Third World refugees into a United States that has been dramatically changed over the past 30 years by dramatic demographic change fueled by mass immigration, both legal and illegal, is the notion that Americans “owe” it to Afghans to ship them here after having waged a 20-year war in a (declared) attempt to free them from Taliban rule. Having fought and died for Afghans thousands of miles away from their homes, the regular working-class Americans who are most affected by mass migration will now have to make room in their neighborhoods for them as well.

Trans-national pro-refugee activists heavily lean on this argument. NewsNationNow quotes Ashley Faye, Development Director at Refugee Services of Texas, one of the leading groups working to settle Afghan migrants in the Lone Star State, as saying (bold added):

“We will resettle them,” Ashley Faye of Refugee Services of Texas said. “So it’s really a responsibility to bring them to safety after they sacrificed so much for us. Really, they’re veterans.”

Faye’s group is the largest resettlement agency in the state that will welcome the Afghans and help integrate them into society.

“They are the victims, not the perpetrators,” Faye said. “They are proponents of our country, our collective country, and they’re grateful to be here. They also have a long journey ahead of them.”

The El Paso Times tells of the special hands-on services that RST is ready to provide these foreigners. Caseworkers on tap for all:

More than 320 Afghan refugees are to be resettled in four Texas cities by Refugee Services of Texas.

Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston are set to receive refugees for resettlement. 

“They will fly into the large airports in those cities where they will be met by an RST welcome team and a caseworker,” said Chris Kelley, an RST spokesman. 

Unsurprisingly, RST’s personnel and partners are filled with ties to globalist organizations and powerful corporate elites. Jake Herrle, a former communications officer at the United Nations, is a member of its Board of Directors. As is Ivana Ilic, a “global operations” staffer at Facebook:

Ivana works on Global Operations for Facebook, where she engages in creating safer platforms for vulnerable communities globally, including communities with large refugee populations.

Facebook and Google are listed as “Local Partners” of RST’s Austin chapter.

Familiar names such as the United Way and globalist NGO the International Rescue Committee also are not hard to discover as one works their way among the various threads.

Another group listed as a partner to the Austin cell is RAICES. This truly radical Texas pro-refugee organization has no problem declaring its mission statement. The top of its 2019 annual report proudly declares:

We envision a society where all people have the right to migrate, & human rights are guaranteed.

You see, there is to be no turning off of the spigot. A “collective country” eventually embraces the entire world.

Democrat Rep. Escobar fully understands how guilt-tripping the American people over a war they never wanted in the first place is a way to help keep the floodtide flowing. From The El Paso Times:

Escobar said the U.S. has an obligation to get “every American out of Afghanistan that we can.”

“We have that same obligation for our Afghan allies, for the individuals and family members who put their lives at risk right alongside our American service members,” she said.

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