PragerU video: The end of women’s sports

by WorldTribune Staff, November 18, 2020

Leftists these days like to boast about how they are dedicated to “following the science.”

Science says that testosterone, which males get massive doses of beginning at ­puberty, makes men bigger, stronger and faster. It is easier for men to add muscle mass. Men have larger hearts and greater lung capacity, among other physical advantages.

Selina Soule

“This differential isn’t the result of boys and men having a male identity, more ­resources, better training or superior discipline,” Doriane Lambelet Coleman and Wickliffe Shreve of Duke Law School have written. “It’s because they have an androgenized body.”

In a letter supporting Idaho’s decision to protect women’s sports from biological men, 300 female athletes pointed out that there are innate physical differences between men and women and that even “testosterone suppression does not undo these physiological advantages.”

Yet leftists are set on passing the Equality Act, which would allow biological males who identify as female to compete in women’s sports.

In a video released by PragerU on Monday, one of the top five female high school sprinters in Connecticut details how competing against biological boys changed the game and how “administrators, teachers, coaches, and other students tell us to just keep quiet and take it.”

In the video, Selina Soule details how she trained “to be a championship sprinter since I was eight years old,” and how that dedicated training was paying off until everything changed at the state track championships one year when two “biological boys who said they were transgender girls” took first and second place while “dominating the field.”

Soule notes that Allyson Felix, the “fastest female sprinter in the world,” has a lifetime best of 49.26 seconds in the 400 meters. That time would be beaten by “nearly three hundred high school boys in the U.S. alone.”

Along with two other top female runners in Connecticut, Soule has filed a federal lawsuit under Title IX “to protect the rights of women and girls to a fair competition on a level playing field.”

Soule details the “insurmountable advantage in strength and speed” due to significant “biological changes that males go through during puberty” and the devastating affects competing against biological males has had on women’s sports.

“When biological boys are allowed to compete against girls in sports like track, where the differences in performance are so great, we are talking about girls getting shut out — never getting the chance to win, or even compete at all,” Soule says in the video.

Because of the dominance of the biological males, many girls who had trained hard lost “the opportunity to participate at the New England championships,” thereby losing “the chance to be scouted by top coaches, possibly even to win scholarships,” Soule said.

“The reason that we have girls’ sports in the first place is to give female athletes with talent, hard work, and dedication an equal opportunity to shine and be recognized. But girls will never have that opportunity if they are forced to compete with biological boys in sports like track and field, softball, volleyball, or basketball,” Soule said.

Soule concludes by condemning the treatment of girls who object to biological males competing as females by pointing out “the truth that biological differences in strength and speed between boys and girls are massive and real: Administrators, teachers, coaches, and other students tell us to just keep quiet and take it. We’re told a girl’s place is to be seen and not heard.”

In a 2019 op-ed for, Andrea Jones and Clare Hepler write:

No matter how many hormones a biological male takes, every time he competes against a female, he has an unfair advantage.

It’s a denial of science and shows complete disregard for fairness to say that a male athlete who identifies as female is just the same as the biological females there.

A place on the roster, team, or podium did not spontaneously open up for him. Instead, some girl or woman didn’t make the team, fell lower in the rankings, or didn’t do as well because of an unfairly tilted playing field.

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