Population control goes mobile in local communities with global corporate backing

Special to WorldTribune, June 21, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer

The forces of population control are attempting to go grassroots with some major corporate support.

In a March press release, Big Pharma behemoth Bayer boasted of its direct aid to abortion retail giant Planned Parenthood’s work in American neighborhoods via a powerful international NGO called Direct Relief:

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the humanitarian organization Direct Relief today announced the impact of their 2021 community award program along with the latest round of funding to women’s healthcare organizations. The community award program is focused on expanding access to family planning services and contraception by addressing health disparities and pressing community needs in the US.

Adagio Health mobile unit in Western Pennsylvania

Keywords to note: community outreach, telehealth, mobile health unit footprints:

In 2020, Direct Relief identified four health clinics – including Adagio Health (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Maternal and Family Health Services (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.), Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (Indianapolis, Ind.), and Planned Parenthood Great Plains (Little Rock, Ark.) – that were awarded funding made possible by Bayer. The funding reached more than 23,100 women through services, training, education, grants, and community outreach. The clinics implemented programs that addressed the most pressing needs in their communities, such as providing transportation to clinics, increasing virtual and telehealth options for reproductive healthcare, and offering culturally grounded and/or Spanish language education materials for women.

In addition, a second round of grant recipients were recently awarded funding to support community organizations – including Health Alliance for the Uninsured (HAU), (Oklahoma), Plan A Health, (Mississippi) and Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Kentucky. These projects will address unmet needs in their communities through enhanced services like expanded resources, increasing mobile health unit footprints and utilizing digital media to provide education.

Contraceptive titan Bayer has an entire corporate program dedicated to “reproductive rights”:

The community awards program is aligned with Bayer’s We’re for Her mission, which reflects Bayer’s commitment to the reproductive health of all women — from products and education to championing access to contraceptives. By striving to ensure access to modern healthcare through innovation in products and services, and by investing in programs dedicated to women’s health education, awareness, and medical training, we support women’s ability to make educated choices about their future.

Here’s the Planned Parenthood Federation of America expressing its gratitude to Bayer:

PP states that the Direct Relief funding via Bayer will allow it to:

  • Promote telehealth as an essential tool for connecting people with the health care they need through their local health centers.
  • Inform young people across Kentucky about the Planned Parenthood Direct app, which enables patients to book telehealth appointments in their area and order birth control by mail.

Nadia Khamis, director of corporate engagement, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is quoted as saying:

“We are grateful for Bayer and Direct Relief’s continued support, and the positive impact they have on Planned Parenthood patients and their communities.”

Planned Parenthood President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson was equally effusive in her praise for Direct Relief and Bayer in Dec. 2020. Johnson said of receiving funding focused on “expanding reproductive and sexual health care and education in Indiana and Arkansas”:

Planned Parenthood is thrilled to work with other nonprofits, corporate partners, and public health organizations to expand people’s access to expert, high-quality care and accurate health information. We’re grateful that Bayer and Direct Relief support sexual and reproductive health care and education, and understand that all people deserve access to the care they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Telehealth and mobile health units are all the rage with the forces of population control today. Pushing access to the abortion pill via mail is a big part of this venture.

One of the other groups funded by Bayer and Direct Relief, Adagio Health in Pennsylvania, utilizes the mobile unit approach as it specifically works to surreptitiously provide birth control products to teens without their parents knowing about it:

Adagio reaches these patients through a combination of mobile health care and messaging. The organization has a mobile unit that has “all you can get in a stationary medical office. If a patient wants an IUD or an implant, she can get it in the mobile health unit,” even as a walk-in appointment, [Adagio senior director of family planning programs Lisa] Snyder explained.

They’re also reaching patients through targeted messaging that’s designed to remove some of the stigma around seeking out reproductive health care and to stress the comfort and confidentiality that the mobile unit can provide – as opposed to an in-town provider where a teenager risks running into “your best friend’s mother,” Snyder said. “It’s safe, it’s welcoming, it’s nonjudgmental.”

A picture of the Adagio Mobile Unit can be seen splashed above the 2021 feature article on the group at Direct Relief’s website.

Sickeningly, it even parks itself in front of churches:

Adagio is taking their mobile unit on the road, where it will spend ten-hour days parked outside fire stations, churches, and even a popular greenhouse. Their funding will be used to increase awareness of the mobile unit and encourage patients to seek out sexual and reproductive health care.

Bayer is a close partner of Direct Relief. But it is hardly alone.

Direct Relief’s 2021 annual report reveals dozens of big-brand “corporate partners.” Donors in the $1,000,000+ category include Bain Capital, the Clorox Company Foundation, Facebook, FedEx, Google, the Pfizer Foundation and the Progressive Insurance Foundation.

Tim Wertner, Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations at FedEx Express, sits on Direct Relief’s Board of Directors.

“Strategic Foundation” partners include the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Johnny Carson Foundation and the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

At a time when Americans are not to be trusted with purchasing their own Vitamin C without a Big Pharma-controlled FDA calling the shots, their teen-aged offspring are being granted access to the harshest forms of contraception and, no doubt, abortion in the same way kids buy popsicles from the local ice cream truck. These two things are very much related, and part of an extremely sinister larger agenda.

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