Poll finds public tiring of media’s incessant attack coverage of President Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, March 8, 2017

Americans have grown “weary” of the seemingly non-stop negative coverage the major media is raining down upon President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

The Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll found the 55 percent are turned off by the coverage of the president and that a roughly equal share (54 percent) also believe that the news media “has assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn.”

The poll found widespread support for much of President Donald Trump’s agenda despite the constant negative media reports. /Reuters

In the poll, 88 percent of Republicans said they’ve had enough of the constant negativity, while 55 percent of independents and 54 percent of moderates said they have grown “weary” of the press coverage.

A study by the non-partisan group Media Tenor found that only 3 percent of network news stories in the first month of the Trump administration could be described as positive. Of the rest, 43 percent were deemed negative, and 54 percent neutral.

“That’s a stark contrast to the overwhelmingly positive coverage of the early Obama administration, despite the fact that Obama had his own share of early stumbles,” Investors Business Daily noted on March 6.

The IBD/TIPP poll found that 57 percent support Trump’s plan to hire 10,000 more immigration agents; 58 percent support the deportation of illegal immigrants charged with a crime, even if they haven’t been convicted; 53 percent back Trump’s call to withhold federal aid to “sanctuary cities.”

On Trump’s Supreme Court pick, far more think Congress should approve Neil Gorsuch to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat (48 percent) than say he should be defeated (31 percent).

The survey also found that a majority backed Trump’s temporary ban on refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations coming to the U.S.

The one area of disagreement is on Obamacare, where only 38 percent of respondents said they back repealing the law, which is down from last month’s 42 percent.

“Other polls have shown a recent increase in approval rates for Obamacare, although a survey of those actually enrolled found a huge drop in satisfaction with their existing Obamacare plans,” Investors Business Daily said.