Poll: Americans connected the dots on Covid leak (with no help from media, officialdom)

by WorldTribune Staff, March 7, 2023

People knew.

Despite the best efforts of their Covid overlords, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Big Media, the American public had connected the dots on the origin of Covid-19 long before two government agencies confirmed the virus likely leaked from a Chinese lab, a new poll found.

Security personnel outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology. / Reuters

A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that most Americans were not surprised last week when the FBI and Department of Energy expressed confidence that Covid was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

“Suspicions that U.S. officials played a role in covering up China’s monstrously deadly attack on the world were also met with a knowing nod,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted. “Most in the U.S. showed that they have been dismissive of claims from the media and Biden administration about the virus, masks, and how it started.”

The Rasmussen poll found:

• On the leak, 67% said they “already believed” it came from “the Wuhan lab,” a claim made in the early days of the crisis by former President Donald Trump but dismissed in the media. Just 20% said they were surprised when an Energy Department and the FBI fingered the lab leak as the likely source of the virus.

• On masks, 49% said that they “already believed” that they didn’t work before the recent reports that masks were ineffective. Some 35% said they were surprised.

• And 65% suspected that U.S. officials were involved in the “cover-up” to hide “China’s role” in the pandemic. House Republicans are looking into ex-virus czar Anthony Fauci’s ties to China and the lab.

• Overall, just 43% gave a good grade to U.S. public health officials for the handling of the virus, while 55% graded them fair to poor, and just 1% were not sure.

Rasmussen noted: “Majorities of every political category — 81% of Republicans, 53% of Democrats and 66% of unaffiliated voters — already believed the virus came from a Chinese lab before the recent report from the Energy Department confirmed that conclusion. Majorities of every political category — 55% of Democrats, 77% of Republicans and 61% of unaffiliated voters — think it is at least somewhat likely that some U.S. officials were involved in a cover-up of China’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Bedard added: “The survey is crushing evidence that most haven’t believed Washington and the liberal media’s spin on the virus for a while.”

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