Police slam inflammatory statements by Interior Dept. spokesperson

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 6, 2023

As far as Swamp story of the year goes, nothing can top the shaved-head non-binary nuclear scientist who stole women’s clothing from airports and wore said clothing in pics posted to social media only to have one of the women whose clothing was stolen recognize it, helping lead to the arrest of one Sam Brinton.

They keep on trying, though.

Tyler Cherry

We give you the case of Tyler Cherry.

Cherry is the Department of the Interior’s principal deputy communications director and really seems to hate cops.

In saying Cherry is unfit for the position, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) cited comments made online by Cherry including “the modern police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs,” “abolish ICE,” “police often don’t respond to violence, but rather incite it,” and “police brutality is state-sanctioned.”

In a letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, eight Republican senators said that the anti-police vitriol spewed by Cherry led to staffing and morale problems inside the U.S. Park Police, which Interior oversees.

“We are deeply concerned that the … statements made by Cherry have had a negative impact on the morale of USPP officers and, in turn, contributed to the staffing issues within your department,” read the letter organized by Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee.

Kenneth Spencer, the chairman of the U.S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police, wrote in a letter to Haaland: “While Mr. Cherry is entitled to hold and express extremist, dogmatic views about law enforcement, these statements clearly disqualify him from holding such an important position near the very top of our agency. The Department of Interior employs roughly 3,000 federal law enforcement officers and while I only speak on behalf of the 350 who are members of the USPPFOP, I can assure you that we are all deeply troubled by his leadership position in our chain of command.”

Here’s where the Cherry story gives the Brinton story a run for its money.

Libs of TikTok picked up the story of Cherry’s cop-bashing, writing in a post on X: “Biden admin try not to hire total weirdos challenge = impossible”.

That set off the woke police.

Libs of TikTok included a photo of Cherry. Metro Weekly described it thusly: “Cherry, who is part of a queer DJ collective pushing for a nightlife scene in Washington, D.C., that is more accepting of variant gender expressions, is seen in his official photo with a mustache, a zebra-striped blazer, gold earrings, and what appears to be a mullet.”

Chaya Raichik, who runs the Libs of TikTok account, posted several photos of Cherry, including one of him in a lavender dress in what looks like a wedding photo, and referred to him as the “queer spokesperson” for the Department of the Interior.

One X user wrote, “The weirdness is their primary — if not only — qualification.” Raichik replied, “Yup. And the confusion is the goal.”

And what would a Swamp story be without a White House lecture: “No one should be targeted simply for being themselves. It is cruel and unacceptable,” the White House said in a statement. “This is an administration that believes to our core in the principle that out of many we are one — and we are proud that the people who serve in it reflect those values as well. Tyler is an invaluable member of our team who continues to deliver for the Department of the Interior and the American people.”

But a mullet with a zebra-striped blazer? As Joe would say, “c’mon man.”

And what would a Swamp story of the year candidate be without a nod to Brinton:

In a reply to the TikTok post, another X user suggested Cherry and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are connected, writing: “I’m sure him and Pete have fun.”

Raichik responded: “Too bad he can’t hang out with Sam Brinton anymore. I’m sure they would’ve hit it off.”

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