Pfizer paid for profitable vaccine media narrative without even talking to the press

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 2, 2023

In 2022, Pfizer became the first drug company in history to break $100 billion in annual sales.

That was made possible by a combination of flooding the airwaves (brought to you by Pfizer ring a bell?) with advertising; bribing consumer, medical, and civil rights groups; and relying on government-backed coercion to push Covid jab mandates, an analysis said.

“Pfizer didn’t have to take a prominent stand to argue for vaccine mandates, which would have been an obvious conflict of interest. They paid others to push the mandates for them,” Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in a May 2 analysis.

The Big Pharma behemoth pumped $3.6 billion combined in 2021 and 2022 to blitz the airwaves and Internet with ads promoting its injection.

Since most major news organizations now take their cues from the White House, Pfizer did not have to make its case in the press. In fact, the company received a big boost from the U.S. government, which paid news media $1 billion to promote and build public confidence in the experimental jab.

In an interview with Russell Brand, journalist Lee Fang noted:

“San Francisco … in September of 2021, enacted a very kind of strong mandate with no exemption for prior immunity … or … natural immunity. Pfizer was not playing a visible role here. They didn’t comment on any of the articles. They weren’t really talking to the press.

“You saw consumer groups, civil rights groups, patient groups, doctors groups, public health organizations, all saying these mandates are necessary, even though there wasn’t a lot of scientific evidence to support the basis that we needed these mandates. [The shots] were sold to us with the claim that they would stop transmission of the virus. [There was never any evidence that they did.]

Fang continued: “You had this coalition of community groups saying we need the mandate. Well, I’m taking a look at new disclosures that show that many of those organizations, these third party organizations … were taking funds from Pfizer while lobbying for these controversial policies.”

Not only were drug companies granted immunity from Covid vaccine lawsuits, they also do not have to disclose “how much they are spending on television, how much they’re spending on TikTok ads, how much they’re giving to these front groups, or these doctors groups, or these public health groups that set the nature of the debate,” Fang said. … “So we can talk about a lot of other special interest groups, but Pharma is unique [in terms of] the raw amounts of money they spend to control the entire public sector, on regulatory policy, on everything, in terms of how it affects medicine.”

Special interest groups were getting big bucks from Pfizer to push for Covid jab mandates.

“Coercive vaccine policies include the Chicago Urban league (which argued that the jab mandate would benefit the black community), the National Consumers League, the Immunization Partnership, the Advertising Council and a long list of universities and cancer, liver diseases, cardiology, rheumatology and medical science organizations,” Mercola noted. “Each of these organizations received anywhere from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars from Pfizer in 2021 alone. Is it any wonder, then, that more than 50 major health care organizations called for vaccine mandates that year, including for their own workers? I don’t think so.”

(View the entire Russell Brand interview with Lee Fang here.)

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