Pfizer, Moderna conducting trials on whether their Covid shots cause long term issues

by WorldTribune Staff, November 15, 2022

Pfizer and Moderna are conducting required trials to determine whether there are any long-term negative health impacts associated with their Covid vaccines.

As a condition of FDA approval of their vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna are required to carry out the long-term research.

The studies will involve monitoring Americans who suffered side effects after receiving the shots over the past two years.

Pfizer and Moderna will follow some patients for up to five years, but results are expected to start coming in as early as next year, NBC reported.

Between Dec. 14, 2020 and Oct. 21, 2022, there were 1,447,520 reports of adverse events following Covid jabs submitted to VAERS.

Inflammation of the heart has been the most common serious adverse effect reported from the Covid shots.

Ever since the Covid vaccines were authorized for emergency use, researchers have been tracking the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis — another heart inflammation condition that affects the outer lining of the heart but has similar symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath and a pounding heartbeat, according to the CDC.

Team Biden, meanwhile, is continuing its aggressive push for Americans to get Covid booster shots.

“If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more Covid shot — once a year, that’s it,” Joe Biden said on Oct. 25, likening it to an annual flu shot. “If you get it you’re protected, and if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk.”

In response to Biden’s comments, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder, chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, said it is troubling that Biden “is so captive of a false and discredited narrative that he continues to aggressively promote a high-risk, zero-liability, experimental medical intervention with a product that doesn’t work as advertised and is causing horrendous health problems in Americans. It’s even more dismaying that he has used the prestige and moral authority of the presidency to recruit America’s corporations into a racketeering enterprise.”

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