Pedophile world: Newly released photo shows Bill Gates with Epstein accuser

by WorldTribune Staff, December 18, 2023

Public awareness of pedophiles is typically limited to searches of sex offender registries in local areas to protect immediate family members. The Jeffrey Epstein scandal revealed a whole new level of evil involving political and financial elites that continues to be protected from public scrutiny by well-paid attorneys, compromised corporate media and government officials.

Thus the average American can only speculate about the significance of of a 2014 photo of globalist billionaire Bill Gates posing with one of Epstein’s accusers. The photo was taken by Epstein himself, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The Journal’s report provided new, extensive and disturbing detail on Epstein’s modus operandi and his continued exploitation and abuse of women even after his 2008 conviction leading up to his arrest in 2019.

Jeffrey Epstein with Bill Gates

The photo was allegedly taken at Gates’s Seattle office in March 2014, years after Epstein’s conviction in Florida for soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution.

The woman in the photo, a Polish model who was then in her 20s, told the Journal about how Epstein paraded her around to his associates: “Now when I look at myself there, it couldn’t have looked normal. I saw the looks of those people, like what is she doing here?”

The woman, whose face was obscured in the published photo, told the Journal she met Epstein months before the photo was taken and that he quickly began showering her with promises that he could help her career with his powerful connections.

“Without having legitimate connections to so many high-powered people, Jeffrey Epstein would not have been able to traffic most of these women after 2008,” said Brad Edwards, who alongside his law firm partner Brittany Henderson represents the Polish model and more than 150 of Epstein’s accusers.

At least three other photos exist allegedly showing Gates with Epstein accusers, the Journal reported, saying it reviewed images of a Russian model who claims she was abused by Epstein posing with Gates at locations including the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City and Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.

“Interviews with several of those women, others familiar with his operations and the trove of documents reveal, for the first time, how Epstein, who died in jail in 2019 awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, used his powerful connections to groom a new generation of women to exploit,” Khadeeja Safdar reported for the Journal.

Epstein “lured dozens of women by promising to use his connections to powerful people to get them jobs or other opportunities. He then personally groomed most of the women for his personal sexual exploitation, and passed a select group to other men for sex,” the report said. “Epstein told some of the women he could get them into Woody Allen films or secure them a job at the United Nations. He promised others he could help them get modeling gigs at Victoria’s Secret. He told the Polish model he could help her get involved at the Gates Foundation. He conjured up many such offers for women.”

As for the Polish model, Epstein offered her to be the mistress of one of his friends, which he said could earn her millions of dollars, she told the Journal. She declined the offer shortly before escaping home to Poland in 2015, only for Epstein to use her photo with Gates to try to draw her back.

He sent her the snap in March 2015, telling her that instead of the life she used to live, “now you are back in your room, as you only follow your own advice,” the report said.

“My impression is that becoming a mistress was the only one job proposition you were really serious about,” she wrote to him a few months later. “Meeting Gates or Woody was great — thank you — will never forget it — although nobody hire me just because I have a nice pictures with them.”

A representative for Gates reiterated that the Microsoft co-founder “only ever met with Epstein for philanthropic purposes, which he regrets.”

“Epstein tried, unsuccessfully, to connect himself to Mr. Gates by any means possible, including spontaneously bringing in people for photos with Bill, whom Bill did not know or interact with further,” the spokesperson said.

In May of this year, the Journal reported that Epstein threatened to expose an affair Gates allegedly had with a Russian bridge player after the Microsoft co-founder declined to join Epstein’s philanthropic venture.

Mila Antonova acknowledged that she was on friendly terms with Gates during a 2010 video about her love of bridge, the two allegedly had a brief romance while Gates was still married to his then-wife, Melinda French Gates, sources told the Journal.

Epstein, meanwhile, met Antonova while she was looking for financial backers for a bridge academy and later paid for her to attend software coding school, according to the report.

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