Pastor: Wokeism is just like a religion but without free will

by WorldTribune Staff, March 28, 2022

There is in wokeism “this religious undertone that’s been passed down,” said pastor Lucas Miles. “I think we need to call this stuff what it is, it is a religion.”

Pastor Lucas Miles

“In Marxism, man is the creator. It’s his labor. It’s his work that is producing; he’s making the world in his image. He’s taking the place of God, in that sense. And so this ideology is passed down,” Miles told EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program.

The woke leftist mob does not tolerate those who do not blindly follow their Marxist narrative. You must accept the narrative or “we’re gonna cancel you,” the pastor of Nfluence Church said.

Marx’s works were inspired by Georg Wilhelm Hegel, a German philosopher, who wrote about spirit, the Bible, and religion. While Hegel focused a lot on the spirit and God, Marx focused more on the state.

“Within wokeism, there’s not a lot of talk about God … the state has taken the place, man has taken the place, as God,” Miles said.

Miles said as in religion, there is also evangelism in wokeism: “We have to get everybody to believe this.”

However, there is a difference between evangelism in the church versus evangelism among critical theorists, he pointed out. The evangelism within the church gives the people the dignity to choose, Miles explained. “We believe this is true. We hope you come to accept it and embrace it. If you don’t that’s your choice.

Miles believes that, according to the Bible, God is “is the one that rights wrongs” and it doesn’t show favor to man. “We can’t get into a place to where we start dividing people upon classes, where we start creating some sort of favoritism of God.”

Liberation theology stipulates that “there’s essentially a special blessing that exists on the poor, and so oftentimes there is not really an attempt to lift them out of their situation,” said Miles, author of the book “The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church”.

“It’s just to help them be able to experience the ‘blessing of god’ in their situation. And oftentimes, the people developing that ministry are elites and flying around in jets. As Christians, we want to help the poor, but not because there’s a special blessing on the poor; no more than there’s a special blessing on being rich,” Miles said, adding that Christians are helping the poor because they follow the Bible’s teachings.

Albert Schweitzer, the famous theologian, portrayed Jesus as a prophet, a great social reformer, and a kind of apocalyptic voice, but not the savior of the world, Miles continued. “So Jesus is downgraded from savior of the world to a social activist. That’s what we’re seeing now in woke Christianity, and that influenced a lot of early liberal theologians to get us to where we are today.”

To discern what is truth in the current situation people need to have a plumb line, Miles said comparing it to building a house. A plumb line is needed to prevent erecting crooked walls, he explained.

“That’s really the heart behind all of this. Is there something that is absolutely true or is all truth relative, is all truth subjective,” Miles asked a rhetorical question.

“For me my plumb line is scripture,” Miles said. “I won’t try to force that on anybody else. But I think that people have to find that plumb line for their life.”

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