Parents sue San Diego schools over pro-Muslim Brotherhood curricula

by WorldTribune Staff, March 26, 2018

A legal organization has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the San Diego Unified School District over an “anti-Islamophobia” curricula being taught by a group which critics say supports the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization.

CAIR-San Diego Executive Director Hanif Mohebi said, ‘Other school districts should follow this lead, and we will be happy to work with them to provide resources and trainings.’ / AFP / Getty Images

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) filed the suit on behalf of parents who were outraged that the school district employed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to teach the district’s students “how to become allies to Muslim students” and take a role in revising curriculum to be more “inclusive” of Islam.

The district “paid thousands of dollars for CAIR’s recommended teaching materials, which were distributed to classrooms along with instructions for their use,” World Net Daily (WND) reported on March 25.

“CAIR is notorious for its anti-Israel activism and ties to Islamic terrorism. Indeed, federal prosecutors identified CAIR as a Muslim Brotherhood front group, and the United Arab Emirates officially designates CAIR as a terrorist organization,” FCDF said.

In response to the lawsuit, school officials said the complaint is “barred, in part, by principle of non-intervention into academic affairs, as the decisions at issue rested on bona fide academic judgments.”

Charles LiMandri, chief counsel of the FCDF, said San Diego Unified “cannot rely on good faith to demonstrate that singling out a particular religious sect for favorable treatment is constitutional. The Supreme Court has long held that dividing Americans along religious lines is by its very nature odious to a free people whose institutions – including public schools – are founded upon the doctrine of equality.”

WND reported earlier this month that the legal team was issuing investigative subpoenas to CAIR after a federal judge decided school officials must reveal details of their work with the Islamic advocacy organization.

FCDF is seeking communications between CAIR agents and the school district “as well as documents tracing the Islamic organization’s strategic process for gaining inside access to impressionable schoolchildren.”

“CAIR’s national director testified that proselytizing to schoolchildren is a ‘religious obligation,’ and the purpose of CAIR’s educational outreach, which includes passing out religious propaganda to students during class, is to ‘create a religious educational environment,’ ” the FCDF said.

Also included in the subpoenas are requests for information about the Islamic Center of San Diego’s involvement in assisting CAIR through resources and information, the WND report said.

“Allowing a radical religious organization to indoctrinate our public schoolchildren defies common sense and undermines the very history and logic of the First Amendment. We hope these subpoenas will shine more light on SDUSD’s unconstitutional relationship with CAIR,” LiMandri said.

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