Only Tucker, independent media cover conservative nationwide protests rocking Spain

by WorldTribune Staff, November 15, 2023

Millions of Spaniards have taken to the streets nationwide stop what they see as a coup engineered by socialist acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez aimed at giving him the power he was unable to attain in the July election.

Sanchez’s power grab came in the form of a controversial political agreement struck with Catalan separatist parties to grant them amnesty for all charges related to the failed 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia, the northeastern part of Spain.

Spaniards jam the streets of Madrid to protest what they see as a socialist coup engineered by acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. / X

Sanchez’s Socialist Party (PSOE) finished second in the July elections to the mainstream conservative Popular Party, though neither could obtain a majority.

But the deal with the Catalan separatists gives Sanchez the necessary votes to renew a coalition government with support of the far left and Catalan regional parties. He could regain the premiership this week if legal challenges don’t stop the political coup.

That’s what millions of Spaniards had in mind when they took the streets.

Rocio De Meer, a Vox Party leader in Spain, told Human Events editor Jack Posobiec that the massive gatherings of patriots have flooded the streets of Spain in recent weeks amid the impending socialist coup.

“The conflict, she said, began last summer when general elections were held in Spain and the conservative parties combined, despite winning the elections, lacked the votes required to form a government. This encouraged the socialist and communist parties to further push for a renewal after losing. However in order to do this, they would need to make an agreement with the separatist movement for their support,” Human Events noted on Nov. 13.

The separatists, or as De Meer calls them, the “Catalonia mafia politicians” conducted a coup d’etat in 2017 which landed them either in jail or forced to flee as Catalonian president Carles Puigdemont did to Brussels. The negotiations between Puigdemont and the socialists, De Meer said, took place in Brussels.

A deal was signed last Thursday granting amnesty to the Catalonians in exchange for their aid in renewing a socialist government, prompting the unrest that is being witnessed by the rest of the world.

This would essentially be, as Posobiec stated, “the end of the Constitution in Spain.”

The socialist party has historically been in full support of completely open borders within Europe, which De Meer says specifically puts Christian civilization at stake.

While legacy media mostly ignored the protests, or significantly downplayed the number of Spaniards taking part, independent U.S. journalist Tucker Carlson joined protesters in Madrid to tell the real story from the street.

Carlson was mobbed in the streets, with one woman calling out “Tucker, help us with these motherf*ckers!”

Asked by a reporter how the world sees Spain, Carlson said: “Anybody who would violate your constitution, potentially use physical violence to end democracy, is a tyrant, is a dictator … We thought it deserved more coverage than it’s getting.”

The conservative factions of the Vox Party and the People’s Party have been vocal in recent days. “We will not shut up until there are new elections!” Alberto Nunez told crowds in Madrid.

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