NY mayoral race: Suddenly its mainstream to question the integrity of an election

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 1, 2021

Since Nov. 3, 2020, the corporate media and Big Tech have gone to great lengths to suppress any talk about voter fraud and election irregularities.

Evidence be damned, if you questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, you were dismissed as a conspiracy theorist or follower of QAnon. What’s more, if your livelihood depended on the social media goliaths or other hubs of the Left’s power base, you could be effectively erased from the public arena.

New York mayoral candidate Eric Adams

But when a Democrat candidate who was not the Left’s chosen one seemed headed for victory in New York’s mayoral primary, Big Media quickly pounced on the news that the city’s Board of Elections had forgotten to remove 135,000 “test” ballots from its system before running the vote.

Suddenly, questioning the integrity of an election went mainstream.

The New York Times blared: “New York Mayor’s Race in Chaos After Elections Board Counts 135,000 Test Ballots”.

The New York Daily News declared: “NYC mayoral race in disarray after Board of Elections withdraws results due to ‘test’ ballot screwup”.

CNN chimed in: “NYC Board of Elections throws mayoral primary into chaos by counting test ballots”.

The Federalist’s Jordan Davidson noted: “For months, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media and Big Tech used their influence to censor, ‘fact check,’ and shoot down any concerns about election integrity. They also banded together with big corporations to crusade against Republican legislatures in Georgia and Texas for passing election integrity laws while pushing for Congress to pass H.R.1, which was dedicated to making the 2020 election sloppiness permanent.”

So what happened in NYC that changed the tune?

Eric Adams, who made fighting crime the focus of his campaign, had jumped out to a significant lead (sound familiar?) The Left is not keen on Adams.

Adams had taken a 10-point lead in the vote, but it suddenly shrank to two points on Tuesday when voters’ second, third, fourth and fifth choices were factored in under a ranked-voting system being used for the first time in a NYC mayoral contest. Final results are not expected until mid-July.

But Tuesday’s tabulation showed an additional 140,000 ballots since Election Day, prompting Adams to complain of irregularities. The city Board of Elections issued a vague statement acknowledging a “discrepancy” and said its staff was working to determine where the problem had occurred.

By Tuesday evening, the vote totals had been taken down, replaced by a note saying the results would be available on Wednesday. The board eventually put out a new statement at around 10:30 p.m., saying it had inadvertently failed to remove sample ballots it had used to test its software.

Former President Donald Trump called out the hypocrisy in a statement on Wednesday:

“Just like in the 2020 Presidential Election, it was announced overnight in New York City that vast irregularities and mistakes were made and that Eric Adams, despite an almost insurmountable lead, may not win the race,” Trump said. “The fact is, based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won. The Presidential Race was a Scam and a Hoax with numbers and results being found that are massive, shocking, and determinative. Watch the mess you are about to see in New York City, it will go on forever. They should close the books and do it all over again, the old-fashioned way, when we had results that were accurate and meaningful.”

Trump also called the NYC election “an embarrassment and total mess” but said it was “far better and more accurate than my 2020 Presidential Election — so what are people complaining about!”

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