Notorious election worker in Georgia awarded Presidential Citizen’s Medal at White House

by WorldTribune Staff, January 8, 2023

The Georgia election worker who was caught on video engaging in what critics say was highly suspicious activity on election night 2020, was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal at the White House on Friday.

Ruby Freeman was honored by the person who those who dispute the 2020 election say was the main beneficiary of her actions, Joe Biden. Freeman, her supervisor daughter Shaye Moss, and ten other individuals were also honored.

Joe Biden presents a Presidential Citizens Medal to Georgia poll worker Ruby Freeman on Jan. 6. / Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The White House portrayed Freeman as voting rights heroine who had suffered cruel right-wing harassment in the aftermath of the election.

“Inspired by the voting rights legacy of her beloved Atlanta, Lady Ruby Freeman viewed her civic duty as a Fulton County Election worker as a sacred mission so the people of Georgia could exercise their fundamental right to vote freely and fairly,” a White House staffer said during the award ceremony.

Freeman and her daughter “were seen on the surveillance video pulling boxes filled with ballots out from under a table at State Farm Arena after supervisors had told poll workers they had quit for the night,” Debra Heine reported for American Greatness on Friday.

“After Freeman, Moss and another election worker retrieved the ballot boxes from underneath the table, the video shows Freeman and Moss scanning and rescanning stacks of ballots into an election computer.”

Freeman was employed by the temporary agency Happy Faces Personnel Group, which is a contractor to the Fulton County, Georgia Elections absentee ballot department, and linked to Stacy Abrams.

Biden reportedly won Georgia by less than 11,900 votes. Election investigators estimated at the time that the late night ballot scans added between 20,000 to 40,000 to the overall vote totals.

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Audio of Freeman speaking with mediators at the Cobb County Police Department in January of 2021 emerged online last month.

The 911 call transcript, audio recordings, and police report were obtained by the Georgia Record via Open Record Requests.

Former President Donald Trump, who shared some of the Ruby Freeman tapes on Truth Social, noted: “At first she thought that they had been caught, got VERY nervous, and wanted to “spill the beans” on everyone. Then the SOS, GBI, FBI, calmed her down, helped CLEAN her social media, took her away (for two months!). SHE THEN CHANGED HER STORY!”

Among other things, Freeman disclosed that she had met with representatives from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice in an apparent attempt to blow the whistle on the sketchy election-night activity at State Farm arena.

That activity included election workers apparently re-scanning absentee ballots and having improper access to voting computers via USB ports.

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