Not satire: Hunter Biden files ethics complaint after MTG displays his explicit laptop images

by WorldTribune Staff, July 23, 2023

First tagged falsely as Russian disinformation by U.S. intelligence agencies, the display at a Congressional hearing of obscene photos and evidence of crimes by President Joe Biden’s son has been deemed an ethics violation.

This is not a joke.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene prepares to hold up explicit images of Hunter Biden during a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing on July 19. / AP / Stephanie Scarbrough

Stored on the infamous laptop from hell, and now available online thanks to the Marco Polo investigative group, are hundreds of documents detailing how Hunter Biden allegedly cashed in on his father’s lofty position to make millions of dollars from foreign entities, including those tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

The laptop also contains a large number of photos showing all manner of drug-fueled debauchery, including Hunter Biden having sex with prostitutes, using drugs, and hanging out with prostitutes who are using drugs.

A parental discretion advisory did not go far enough.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys have filed an ethics complaint against Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, petitioning the Office of Congressional Ethics on Friday to “decisively condemn and discipline” Greene after her recent presentation where she displayed sexually explicit (censored) photos from the laptop from hell, showing Hunter naked and snorting drugs with alleged prostitutes. Greene warned parents at the beginning of her presentation.

Anyone can view the photos, uncensored, online, and the attorneys don’t appear to be claiming that the photos aren’t real or that their client didn’t engage in the activity. Instead, Hunter Biden’s attorneys claim it is too obscene to put the photos on display in the People’s House.

If the Office of Congressional Ethics finds the allegations to be valid they have the ability to transfer the complaint to the House Ethics Committee for action.

The complaint accuses Greene of “harassing and embarrassing” Hunter Biden.

Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw noted:

“What MTG did was clearly provocative and designed to raise some eyebrows while highlighting Hunter Biden’s dodgy history, but was it unethical? It would clearly be unethical (and almost certainly illegal) to sneak around and take pictures of someone when they were naked and engaged in sexual activity and then make those pictures public. But Hunter took those pictures himself and stored them on his laptop as trophies of his various ‘conquests.’ You could make the argument that he never published them himself, so perhaps he intended them to be private, I suppose. But if that was his chief concern, he probably shouldn’t have abandoned the laptop at a repair shop.

“As to the propriety of displaying the pictures in Congress, this looks like a complicated issue. First of all, the pictures were blurred to the point where they could be displayed on television, and they were. (With appropriate content warnings.) Also, rather than simply being displayed to embarrass the Bidens, they were offered in the context of being possible evidence of a crime. She was specifically referencing the Mann Act of 1910. While technically possible, prosecutions under the Mann Act in the modern era are almost never pursued if the woman is an adult and consented to the activity. The law is still invoked in cases of the sex trafficking of minors, however, with one of the most notable, recent convictions being that of Ghislaine Maxwell in 2021.

“With all of that said it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the underlying hypocrisy of Hunter Biden and his attorneys here. What is more ‘unethical’ in this context? Displaying pictures of actual activity in the halls of Congress or being the person who was snorting crack off of the backsides of hookers?”

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