Not news: CNN silent on misinformation campaign against Roy Moore

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by WorldTribune Staff, December 28, 2018

The New York Times revealed in a report last week that a “false flag” operation launched by Democratic operatives linked Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s campaign to Russian bots.

The scheme, funded by liberal billionaire and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, gave the impression that the Kremlin was backing the Republican’s candidacy.

“But if you only get your news from CNN, then you have no idea that happened,” The Daily Caller noted on Dec. 27. “CNN’s readers and viewers have been kept in the dark about the domestic misinformation campaign.”

Moore lost the 2017 runoff election to now-Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat, by 22,000 votes.

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Hoffman has since apologized for funding the scheme.

Since news broke of the “false flag” operation on Dec. 19, “CNN has yet to devote a single story – or even a single second on television – informing its readers of the Democratic misinformation operation,” according to a Daily Caller News Foundation search on the cable news aggregation website Grabien.

It wasn’t the first time a misinformation campaign carried out by Democrats was ignored by CNN, the Daily Caller noted.

“CNN also failed to publish any articles on the fact that North Dakota Democrats falsely targeted hunters in the state with misinformation meant to keep them from voting in the 2018 midterm elections.”

In campaign ads, Democrats falsely informed hunters them that they could lose their out-of-state hunting licenses if they voted in the 2018 elections.

Fact-checkers, including the left-leaning PolitiFact, found that claim to be false.

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