Nightmare: The hate-Trump campaign hits the 2-year mark as his star continues to rise

by WorldTribune Staff, June 18, 2017

Two years to the day on June 16 Donald and Melania Trump took the escalator down at Trump Tower where Trump announced he was running for president.

For two years, the major media and Trump resisters “have used every weapon in their arsenal to destroy him. And they have failed,” Rush Limbaugh noted on his June 16 broadcast.

The Trump Tower escalator ride that kicked off the campaign.

“Trump has become bigger than they ever imagined. Trump has become bigger than they ever thought they could be. They resent and despise and hate Donald Trump for a multitude of reasons. And all they know is, they have to get rid of him. Short of that, they have to destroy the stardom aspect. They certainly cannot permit the political identity and ideas of Donald Trump to triumph.”

Limbaugh added that “you have to include the Republicans in it – in fact, you might still say the Republicans are part of this complex that has spent millions of dollars and countless hours to investigate Donald Trump.”

Trump’s foes “have turned over every rock. They have dug as deep as they can. They have used anonymous sources from the deep state. They have made things up. They have even gone so far as to destroy the credibility of their own industries by creating fake news in their effort to get rid of Donald Trump, to produce some information.

“Some damning evidence of a crime that would have enabled them, A, to deny him the nomination. And after that failed, then to deny him the election. And then after that failed, then to deny him being inaugurated. And then after that failed, now to try to force him out of office.”

Limbaugh continued: “To the media-political complex, which we would have to say includes Hollywood and publishing, and of course the media and much of entertainment pop culture, Donald Trump is a nightmare who has come to life. He is a Frankenstein. He is a monster. He is, in their minds, everything they say they detest about human beings.

“The left is not crazy about human beings to begin with. And I don’t say that to try to be funny, or I’m not even exaggerating. They think that many of the problems that exist on planet Earth would not exist if human beings were extinct. So their starting point is to be angry and enraged constantly and to blame human beings. And in the process they create all these negative characteristics about human beings that they blame and detest. Donald Trump has them all.”

And, Limbaugh noted, “he beat them. He won the most powerful office in the land. As such, not only did Donald Trump become the president, Donald Trump became the biggest star in the United States. He’s also a star, folks. Do not think that he’s just the president. He is a star. He’s the biggest star. Stars are not always universally loved.”

The president, Limbaugh said, is “doing what he was elected to do the best he can. And he’s appreciating and very much adoring his stardom, which is rooted in his presidency. And that upsets them even more. They simply can’t get over this. They can’t abide it. They can’t believe that after two years – this is not something that’s gone on just the past six months – they can’t believe that they’ve not been able to take Trump out in two years.”

The “15 or 16 Republican candidates were not able to do it. Hillary Clinton couldn’t do it. The Democrat National Committee couldn’t do it. David Axelrod couldn’t do it. The great John Podesta couldn’t do it. Nobody could do it. There hasn’t been a single soul. James Comey didn’t do it. Now they’ve turned to Mueller. Mueller, we want you to do it.”

Limbaugh continued: “They’ve done everything. They can’t do anything, can’t find anything to actually indict Donald Trump or anybody working for him in two years. So what are they going to find in the next two years that no one has found in these two years? The answer is probably nothing, but that’s not the point. They’re not looking for anything now. If they find it, that’s gravy. What they’re doing now is simply creating (or trying to) the illusion that Trump is a corrupt, dishonest, mean-spirited, horrible guy who needs to go.”

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