New Zealand takes baby away from parents who refused ‘vaccinated blood’ transfusion

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News December 8, 2022

New Zealand health overlords have taken guardianship of a baby boy after his parents refused to consent to a transfusion of “vaccinated blood.”

The family said it had several donors with compatible unvaccinated blood who were willing to donate their blood for the baby’s surgery.

A New Zealand high court judge ruled in favor of the health overlords on Thursday.

The six-month-old, known as Baby W, needs surgery for a congenital heart defect. His parents said they wanted a guarantee that their baby would only receive blood from unvaccinated donors.

In an interview given to TV host Liz Gunn’s youtube channel “@LizGunnNZL”, the boy’s parents explained their refusal to let their child receive regular donor blood: “It matters to everyone in our society that they have…freedom of choice. That’s been completely taken away by the governments…this baby doesn’t seem to qualify to have freedom of choice. They want to…conduct medical experiments with him with unknown results. We’re not prepared for that! We’re not prepared to offer up our baby to experimentation.”

The family’s attorney Sue Grey said: “We have 30 or so donors with suitable, compatible blood who are willing and able to make that blood available for this baby. All they need to say is okay we are here to co-operate and listen to our clients.”

New Zealand’s health authorities and blood service argued that allowing the parents to refuse vaccinated blood would set a dangerous precedent.

The high court ruled against the parents and placed the boy in the guardianship of his pediatric heart surgeon and cardiologist “for the purpose of consenting to surgery to address the obstruction and all medical issues related to that surgery, including the administration of blood” said Justice Ian Gault in a summary of the judgment.

There has been a significant increase in potential recipients asking for blood from unvaccinated donors in countries across the globe in recent months.

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