New normal: 2- and 3-year-old kids having seizures

by WorldTribune Staff, July 6, 2022

Doctors are reportedly mystified by a large increase in seizures affecting young children.

It is “happening to 2 and 3-year-old kids” and the only thing they have in common “is that they were given the Covid vaccine,” Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, noted in a post on July 5.

The seizures are being seen within two to five days of the children getting the Covid jab, Kirsch noted.

“The doctors cannot figure out what is causing the seizures (since it couldn’t be the vaccine since those are safe and effective). The medical staff is not permitted to talk about the cases to the press or on social media or they will be fired,” Kirsch wrote.

“This is why you are hearing these reports from me. They can’t fire me.”

Legacy media is fully on board with the Covid overlords and Big Pharma in pushing the vaccine for young children. Any nurses or doctors who dare to speak out about adverse reactions to the shots are immediately suppressed on social media, threatened with firing, or fired.

“This will all come out some day, but for now, everyone is keeping quiet about it and the doctors are instructed to convince the parents that it isn’t vaccine related and that they are the only ones having the problem,” Kirsch wrote. “Because that’s how science works.”

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal editorial board member on Monday called into question the motives behind the FDA’s decision to extend Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid vaccines to toddlers and infants as young as 6 months old, writing that the decision was motivated by politics and pressure rather than science.

In her WSJ opinion piece — “Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?” — Allysia Finley wrote: “The FDA standard for approving vaccines in otherwise healthy people, especially children, is supposed to be higher than for drugs that treat the sick. But the FDA conspicuously lowered its standards to approve COVID vaccines for toddlers. Why?”

Finley started her piece with a quote from Joe Biden, which praised the FDA’s recommendation: “This is a very historic milestone. The United States is now the first country in the world to offer safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as six months old.”

Finley responded, writing, “In fact, we don’t know if the vaccines are safe and effective.”

She continued: “The rushed FDA action was based on extremely weak evidence. It’s one thing to show regulatory flexibility during an emergency. But for children, Covid isn’t an emergency. The FDA bent its standards to an unusual degree and brushed aside troubling evidence that warrants more investigation.”

Biden’s “hypocrisy is hard to stomach,” Finley wrote, listing several reasons for caution jabbing children, including:

• Children are at low risk of dying from COVID-19: Only 209 kids between 6 months and 4 years old have died from COVID-19 — about 0.02% of all virus deaths in the U.S. About half as many toddlers were hospitalized with COVID-19 between October 2020 and September 2021 as were hospitalized with the flu during the previous winter.

• The two children in Pfizer’s trial who got sickest with COVID-19 also tested positive for other viruses. It’s possible that many hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 this winter were instigated or exacerbated by other viruses.

• The FDA authorized vaccines for toddlers based on a comparison of the antibodies they generated to the original Wuhan variant with those in young adults who had received two doses. But two doses offer little if any protection against Omicron infection in adults, and even protection against hospitalization is only around 40% to 60%.

• Vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 than those who received a placebo. Most children who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated.

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