National Sheriffs: Biden failed to recognize law enforcement, ‘turned secured border into disaster’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 10, 2024

Joe Biden’s executive orders “have turned a secured border into a disaster in just over three years, making all Americans less safe and allowing the Mexican cartels free rein,” National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) President Greg Champagne said after Biden’s State of the Union address.

Champagne, the sheriff of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, noted that Biden delivered the address just two weeks after visiting the Texas border, where he met with agents, and yet failed to acknowledge law enforcement’s efforts to keep the nation safe despite surging violence.

Biden’s State of the Union speech “failed to recognize the men and women in law enforcement who protect our communities and their need for more resources to fight crime. We need more deputies, not fewer. We need a greater commitment to the rule of law,” Champagne said.

The NSA president cited efforts by Trump, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan to secure the border and charged Biden canceled out former President Donald Trump’s successful actions and bore responsibility for other failures to enforce the law.

Champagne dismissed legislation Biden has been pushing that would make few major changes to immigration law:

“The president repeated the recent refrain that he cannot do anything to secure the border until Congress acts on the current proposed legislation. However, this legislation would only enshrine into law that we could continue to admit 5,000 migrants per day, and an unlimited number of minors,” Champagne said in the statement.

Biden on several occasions has falsely claimed “I’ve done all I can do,” at the border.

“Just give me the power,” he told reporters. “Give me the people” — “Border Patrol” and “judges” — “who can stop this and make it work right.”

Team Biden has also claimed the legislation it is pushing would give Biden “a new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed.”

Biden “doesn’t need any new legislation or power to secure the border — he just needs the will to do it,” New York Post columnist Andrew Arthur noted. “Existing law not only allows the Department of Homeland Security to detain aliens apprehended at the border — it requires the department to do so.”

The administration’s insistence on “catch and release” in lieu of that detention mandate “is the border crisis’s biggest driver,” Arthur added.

Border Patrol agents in December nabbed nearly 250,000 illegal migrants at the southern border and almost immediately cut more than 191,000 of them loose, allowing them to remain in the country — perhaps forever. Most of the rest will probably be released, too.

The NSA is calling on Biden “to stop playing election year politics with our safety and restrict immigration under the authority that he already has been granted by Congress years ago,” he added.ssssssss

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