National Guard deployed in D.C. hospitalized after being served raw meat, metal shavings

by WorldTribune Staff, March 2, 2021

In the D.C. militarized zone, or “Fort Pelosi” as some are calling it, reports say that National Guard troops are being treated worse than prisoners of war, let alone protectors of the Capitol.

Raw chicken from a meal served to National Guard troops in D.C. / Video image via WXYZ-TV

Previous reports have detailed how some Guard members were forced to sleep in parking garages.

Now, some National Guard have reportedly been hospitalized after being served meals that included raw meat and metal shavings.

More than a dozen Michigan National Guard troops deployed to the nation’s capital were sickened, with some hospitalized, after being raw, undercooked meat and meals laced with metal shavings, according to a March 1 report by WXYZ-TV.

A staff sergeant with the Michigan National Guard told WXYZ: “Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them. Just yesterday, the lunches were, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

Undercooked food made more than a dozen soldiers sick, with some going to the hospital, the staff sergeant said.

Other meals are described by the staff sergeant as a dinner roll and Sunny D. Photos sent by the whistleblower were included in the report showing raw, undercooked chicken, metal shavings on rice and a meal pack with snacks suitable for a school field trip.

“Now after the raw meat yesterday for dinner they have told us not to eat the meals for the next two days and are giving us MRE’s instead. Soldiers are now paying for all their meals for the next two days in order to get real food,” the staff sergeant told WXYZ.

The National Guard said in a statement: “A decision was made by the leadership in Washington, D.C., to provide contracted meal service for the troops there. This contract was awarded and is monitored by the National Guard Bureau. Michigan’s Adjutant General has communicated all concerns directly to the Chief of the National Guard, General Daniel R. Hokanson, who has engaged to address the reported shortcomings of the current food service contract.”

The Michigan National Guard’s deployment to D.C. is scheduled to end on March 12.

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