N. Korean paratroopers exercise near China to block defections; border villages demolished

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By Lee Jong-HeonEast-Asia-Intel.com

North Korean troops have demolished villages near the border with China and forcibly relocated residents to prevent defections that could threaten the Kim Jong-Un regime, sources in Seoul said.

Chinese soldiers on patrol near the North Korean border.  /AFP
Chinese soldiers on patrol near the North Korean border. /AFP

“North Korea has been tearing down villages along the Duman (Tumen) River and relocating villagers to places further from the border,” South Korea’s top newspaper Chosun Ilbo quoted a government source in Seoul as saying.

Troops have been mobilized to demolish homes, Chosun Ilbo said.

In a village in Onsong the northernmost city bordering China, around a hundred homes were demolished by troops for forcible evacuation because the Onsong is a main route to flee to China, according to the report.

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