N. Korea propaganda update: ‘Honest Abe’ pens an open letter from the grave to Obama

Special to WorldTribune.com

Honest Abe has a message for the current occupant of the White House: President Barack Obama should rethink economic sanctions against North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

At least, that’s what North Korea’s propaganda machine said in a bizarre open letter, written in what it said was the voice of Abraham Lincoln.

Kim Jong-Un conjured Abraham Lincoln? /Reuters/KCNA
Kim Jong-Un conjured Abraham Lincoln? /Reuters/KCNA

“Hi there, Obama. I understand how perplexed you must feel nowadays, but I think this is the time for you to gather your thoughts as a president of a nation,” said the letter which was published in the state publication “North Korea Today”.

“A thought came to my mind to give you this advice when I saw you standing in front of my portrait deeply engaged in contemplation during your Easter prayer meeting.

“Look, Obama, the U.S. has been threatening the stability and peace of that small country in the East for more than 70 years, and such an act is so shameful that I can’t bear to see the U.S. obstructing the people’s development,” the imaginary North Korean Lincoln wrote.

“It stifles my chest to hear the news of the punishing UN sanctions imposed against that country … that country will never fall from the effect of sanctions or economic blockades.”

The letter chides Obama, who “seven years ago” said he was committed to ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

“You talked boastfully how you would try your best even though it may seem impossible to realize such a world in your term, but how much progress have you made so far? None. Instead of abolishing nuclear weapons, the U.S. has modernized its nuclear arms and conducted the ‘B61-12’ nuclear test in Nevada last year.”