Modern Cuban missile crisis? Analysts warn China could ship containerized nuclear missiles to South America

by WorldTribune Staff, December 15, 2021

China has been secretly developing Trojan horse-style nuclear missiles which could be hidden in shipping containers and sent to ports in South America for a surprise attack on United States, analysts warned.

The communist regime designed the missile containers to appear as regular shipping containers which can blend in seamlessly with the hundreds of others on board a container ship, Rick Fisher, senior fellow in Asian military affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told The Sun Online.

Screenshot from OneSpace video shows a containerized missile.

“It is not inconceivable that a potential future OS-M2-based ‘ICBMs’ could be hidden in the Chinese-controlled ports of Panama or in ports in China-allied Venezuela in order to target all of the United States,” Fisher said.

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Because there are such a large number of container ships transiting the world each day, it would make it more difficult to detect the missiles on such a ship than a warship in the event of war, said Fisher, who is also a contributing editor for

While China has not officially confirmed it has the container missiles, Fisher said it is likely the regime has them.

“Chinese strategic preferences for surprise would strongly argue for acquisition” of the missiles, Fisher said.

Fisher said shipping container missile launchers can be smuggled through ports or via highway ports of entry. They could then be stored for years in a climate-controlled building within range of U.S. military bases, and taken out when needed for military operations.

The containerized missiles would “offer China’s leadership a wide array of options,” Fisher said, including “using larger container ships, thousands of fishing ships or stored containers in ports, to undertake military or terror mission strikes in a manner that can be denied if desired.”

OneSpace revealed a promotion video for its OS-M2 space launch vehicle – a 31 ton rocket. It shows the rocket being loaded into containers and hidden from view – before being launched from trucks, trains, planes and ships.

“The OneSpace video makes clear, their containerized SLV could be deployed on large cargo ships or deployed by Boeing 747 cargo liners to countless favorable launch locations,” Fisher said.

Fisher noted that Chinese law demands companies make their technologies “dual use” – so its likely the People’s Liberation Army is already looking at military versions of the containerized rocket.

“Even versions armed with a nuclear warhead instead of a satellite,” Fisher said.

Fisher described the video by OneSpace as “bizarre” and said it shows how the Chinese space program is focusing on military technology.

Fisher said the containerized missiles could also be used as anti-space weapons to strike satellites out of the sky from low orbit.

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