Mike Benz on official Washington’s obsession with Ukraine and why Hunter Biden is ‘untouchable’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 24, 2024

In a new interview with the Jesse Kelly Show, former State Department official Mike Benz details how the Obama-Biden regimes came to be obsessed with Ukraine.

Benz, who was a State Department diplomat during the Trump Administration responsible for formulating and negotiating U.S. foreign policy on international communications and information technology matters, also said the reason Hunter Biden seems “untouchable” is that “Hunter Biden was part of a plausibly deniable CIA operation to swing the gas market towards NATO.”

Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute said of Benz: “I’m deeply grateful for the voice of Mike Benz in recent days. He is the director of the Foundation for Freedom Online. He possesses encyclopedic knowledge of the role of intelligence agencies operating today (and in the past) in a way that takes away your freedom, not only through internet censorship but also in manipulating election outcomes and skewing institutions toward ruling-class priorities and away from the just aspirations of regular people for freedom, rights, and normalcy.”

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