Memo to the Biden media: All those new jobs added by regime went to migrants

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 18, 2023

Joe Biden’s handlers send him out often to boast about the number of jobs added in his administration and most corporate media dutifully treated the numbers as newsworthy.

What they failed to report, however, is that most if not all of these post-Covid jobs being created are going to foreign-born workers and are of the low-paying variety, analysts noted.

The monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report for May said there were 339,000 jobs added.

Zero Hedge pointed out that the BLS numbers show that, while the number of foreign-born workers employed in the U.S. is at a record high, the number of native-born workers is “stagnating and unable to surpass their pre-Covid highs of 131.7 million, set in Oct 2019” during the Trump administration.

“In May, while the headline payrolls print was a blowout 339K (almost double the 195K expected), a quick look at the underlying numbers shows where the BLS grift was this particular month,” Zero Hedge noted.

The answer: “In May, the number of native born workers tumbled again, dropping by a whopping 369K to 130.744 million, still below the pre-Covid highs and barely higher than at the start of the year, but this number was offset almost 1 to 1 by the increase in foreign born workers, which surged by 297K to a record high 30.359 million. This was the biggest monthly drop in native-born workers since November 2022,” Zero Hedge noted.

“Serious, insightful and unafraid financial analysts long ago discredited the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics report,” Joe Guzzardi wrote for the Institute for Sound Public Policy. “In their collective opinion, BLS’ analysis of the economy’s job gains is a federal government public relations tool, the goal of which is to deceive and distract from the truth.”

Guzzardi noted: “Even to the most jaundiced observers, well-aware that the monthly BLS reports are lies to reflect the brightest possible picture to an unsuspecting public, the raw data is shocking. … Analyzed from a single month’s perspective, May 2023, the labor market’s foreign-born influx is difficult to wrap one’s head around – the federal government’s callous refusal to enforce immigration laws has culminated in the latest labor report which documents foreign-born job gains and job stagnation for U.S. workers. The result is the long sought-after goal of previous, mostly Democratic administrations – although Republican President George W. Bush always pushed for a work permission amnesty – to make more cheap labor available to the donor class who also represent their voting bloc.”

Many analysts dispute that a worker U.S. shortage exists and instead argue that higher wages would attract more job seekers.

But that is not what Team Biden is selling to the American public.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and White House representative Katie Tobin have all urged accelerated immigration to provide more cheap labor.

Riamondo: “We’re down a million immigrants a year – that’s a workforce that we need.”

Mayorkas, aboard Air Force One traveling to El Paso: “The labor shortage in the United States is one powerful example of how desperately we need to fix our broken immigration system,” amnesty code words.

Tobin: “We’re extremely focused on…increasing the number of legal pathways for people migrating to the United States and … making it easier for them to access those legal pathways,” a reference to the CBP One app, a dubious and often nonfunctioning tool that, when operational, leads to illegal immigrants receiving a two-year parole with employment authorization.

During the 18 months that Team Biden has left “cheap labor addicts in the corporate world will have many tens of thousands more pliant workers available to exploit,” Guzzardi added. “Illegal immigrants are not only pouring across the border, but also are arriving at the nation’s busiest airports, as well as sea and ferry ports. In April, Customs and Border Protection’s field operation office recorded 92,106 encounters with illegal immigrants, mostly at airports.”

“Unquestionably,” Guzzardi added, Team Biden and its donors “are pleased with their immigration agenda’s catastrophic consequences on U.S. workers and are eager to maintain the status quo. Not a shred of evidence exists that Biden or any of his cohorts will take steps to reduce the anti-American worker program that puts illegal aliens in line for jobs ahead of U.S. workers.”

Zero Hedge concluded: “And so, when Joe Biden takes his daily victory lap, patting both himself and his data-fudgers at the BLS on the back, maybe someone in the press corp can ask”: Is he more focused on creating jobs for Americans, or foreigners?

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