Massachusetts police chiefs rally to protect and serve . . . lawbreakers

Special to WorldTribune, January 27, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

What are honest Americans to do when local law enforcement officers refuse to respect this nation’s laws, thus betraying the whole purpose of their job, which is protect and serve the community of citizens?

In Massachusetts, police chiefs across the state are lining up to endorse letting illegal aliens have driver’s licenses.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes

The entire campaign starts with one massive assumption that should never be accepted: that it is impossible to enforce the immigration laws of this nation, therefore we should aid and abet the criminals breaking these laws in order to make their law-breaking more convenient for us all.

Marcela Garcia, a columnist at the leftist Boston Globe, writes:

Advocates for undocumented immigrant drivers have tried and failed for years to make Massachusetts a place where all of its residents, regardless of their immigration status, can obtain a driver’s license.

After all, isn’t it in the interest of all residents to have everyone who’s behind the wheel know the rules of the road, pass a driving test, and then be licensed accordingly?

Sadly, the Globe has a highly influential ally in its attempts to further destroy the social fabric of the Bay State… police chiefs:

Allowing all residents of a jurisdiction to obtain a license to drive is a matter of public safety, not immigration policy or partisan politics — hence the endorsement of the of the bill by Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police Association two years ago.

“In order for our state’s police officers to best do their jobs and remain safe while doing so, they need to be able to identify who’s behind the wheel,” said the president of the association, Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes, in a statement to the State House News Service in early 2020, when his organization announced its support for the bill.

Note that the police association is fully aware of its activist role here, and in fact is embracing it:

“For anyone out there that is contemplating not supporting this bill, that should be a big plus that you should look at — that we are behind it and that we are confident in the identification process,” Lawrence Police Chief Roy Vasque, who is vice president of MMCC, said last summer in a virtual press conference about the documents required as proof of identity in the proposal. “I don’t know how this bill cannot be pushed forward.”

Local police are joining the ranks of those laboring to create an entire societal infrastructure for illegal aliens, thus solidifying their presence in the American communities in which they are squatting.

The Boston Herald quotes Kyes following a sadly familiar pattern of local law enforcement officials scurrying to seek the approval of the illegal aliens in their midst:

Kyes noted that this bill would also serve to build trust between police and the communities they serve, particularly in majority-minority cities like Chelsea.

“Law enforcement, certainly over 2020, 2021, was unfortunately painted in a very negative light,” he said. “We have to continue to work on building the trust that we’ve established every single day, every single shift, every single hour, every single interaction.”

Police Chief Kyes’ remarks make him sound very much like the social justice warrior that he in fact is. From a “Vision” statement on the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police Association website:

MMCC is committed to innovative strategies to Reduce and Prevent Crime. Create a Total Paradigm Shift in Police Training. Make a long-term commitment to Racial Justice in Criminal Justice and Public Safely Practices, and to develop a model leadership institute.

It’s not a tiny organization. MMCC counts police chiefs from 38 Massachusetts cities among its ranks. All police chiefs from the 10 largest cities in the commonwealth are members.

Kyes’ empty prattling about “trust” again relies on another faulty assumption that there is no reason to give one iota of credibility to: that police should feel a need to be trusted by criminals.

But this is the heart of the matter: What is going on here is another heavy drop of water on the stone of our nation’s immigration laws. Residing illegally in America is not to be considered a criminal matter.

Which is why another recent initiative, this one in neighboring New England state New Hampshire, is being vilified as a product of “hate.”

From New Hampshire NPR:

Under a new bill proposed by Republican lawmakers, it would be illegal for state or local governments not to adopt or enforce federal immigration laws.

Immigration advocates say the vagueness with which the bill, H.B.1266, is written could destroy years of work pushing for “sanctuary cities,” or places where municipal laws protect undocumented immigrants from deportation or prosecution.

By “vagueness,” NPR is lamenting the fact that illegal aliens’ legal status would be the same in any law enforcement interaction… they are illegal:

If H.B.1266 passed, advocates say an undocumented person could be reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement by police if they were stopped for minor reasons like jaywalking or a faulty blinker on a car, with no need for a warrant.

Why this is a bad thing is of course not up for debate. Only haters could support treating illegal aliens like the scofflaws that they are. Cue the bigotry slur:

Shari Rendall, director of state and local engagement at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) testified in support of the bill. FAIR is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

Randall said FAIR supports laws prohibiting jurisdictions from employing “dangerous policies” that provide a haven or sanctuary where undocumented people can live or work without fear of apprehension from federal immigration authorities.

And, as with the radical Boston Globe, once again a blatantly leftist big-box media “news” site is eager to point out that, rather than being on the side of American citizens who want to see this nation’s immigration laws enforced, too many police officers are with the law-breakers:

According to some advocates, around 20 police departments in New Hampshire agree to not contact ICE when they stop an undocumented immigrant. The law could annul these agreements.

The result of this police disdain for law and order: pro-illegal alien forces are emboldened in pursuit of their cherished goal of normalizing the obliteration of the rights and privileges that come with U.S. citizenship.

The Globe’s Garcia concludes her salute to the boys in blue who have no respect for the law by hailing the ubiquity of law-breaking in Massachusetts:

Good bills often idle on Beacon Hill, and this one, perhaps because it would generate a knee-jerk anti-immigrant reaction, has remained stubbornly in limbo. But there’s a simple reality to consider: Undocumented workers are here in abundance and often driving to their jobs. Let’s make our roads safer for everyone in the Commonwealth.

It’s amazing how abundant crime can become when local police officers refuse to enforce the law.

The ruling regime is turning all of the governing state’s apparatuses against the American people. The rot has reached the point where it is now affecting local police departments. The consequences are catastrophic to contemplate, and they will not stop at allowing illegal aliens to drive on our roads.

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