Mass migration Hell in Italy: Nigerian mafia trafficks women, runs human drug mules into Europe

by WorldTribune Staff, January 20, 2022 247 Real News

The mass importation of Third World migrants into Europe is a horrifically inhuman experience that not only gravely harms the citizens of the countries affected by it, but those being washed ashore by the ruling establishment-enabled wave as well.

From InfoMigrants, a news collaboration sponsored by the European Union:

On Tuesday [Jan. 18], Italian police rounded up four suspected members of a Nigerian mafia-like gang known as Black Axe. The suspects are charged with slavery, human trafficking, kidnapping and recruiting prostitutes. Behind this case lies a vast system of exploitation that stretches across Africa and Europe.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (January 18), Italian police (Polizia di Stato) launched operations in the Sicilian regional capital Palermo and on mainland Italy in the Puglian regional capital Taranto. The police were acting on information from a Nigerian migrant who said she had been forced into prostitution by the group.

Italian police have arrested several individuals suspected of belonging to the Nigerian Black Axe mafia gang that has been operating in many regions of the country.

The Nigerian mafia is said to be extremely brutal in its business operations, relying on cultural superstition and old-fashioned mob violence to keep a hold over the women they control:

The Nigerian woman who accused the suspects was supported by a Pentecostal preacher, also from Nigeria. According to AGI, the woman turned to the preacher for help after being forced to work as a prostitute in Italy.

According to the woman’s statement, she underwent a “Juju” or traditional magic ceremony in Nigeria before being trafficked to Italy. The ceremony is commonly used to make sure that women who hope to migrate will not tell anyone, most of all the police or authorities, about what they are forced to undergo, so that they can work, often as prostitutes to pay back the “debts” they are told they incurred for their journey.

Those who undergo such a ceremony often swear oaths with their own blood or hair. If they break their oath of silence, they are told either they or their family members will die or be seriously injured.

Besides pimping, the Nigerian mafia is heavily involved in importing drugs into Europe. InSight Crime reports:

In 2017, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that up to a third of cocaine leaving Colombia reached African shores before being distributed in Europe. While such a figure is hard to verify, the growing importance of African countries as trafficking distribution points is undeniable. An investigation by Carolina Sampó, coordinator for the Center for Transnational Organized Crime (Centro de Estudios Sobre Crimen Organizado Transnacional – CeCOT) at the University of La Plata, Argentina, found that Nigerian mafias were recruiting mules to move cocaine from Brazil to Africa.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported in 2020 that:

Castel Volturno, on the ancient coastal road between Rome and Naples, was once a seaside playground for the southern Italian elite. Now it is a lawless wasteland abandoned by the state.

 This town has been taken over from across the sea:

 The Nigerian mafia has come to Italy with a speed and force that’s stunned even local mafia bosses, [Roberto Saviano] says. Castel Volturno, where Mr. Saviano once holidayed as a child, is now “an African city in Europe … culturally African.” Half of the 50,000 residents are African, many of them undocumented. They find a place to hide here, but without official documentation or rights, many are easy prey for ruthless Nigerian mafia bosses.

 Drugs play a hideous part in the destroyed area’s everyday life:

The Pineta Grande [hospital] also sees more drug mules than any other hospital in Italy. Doctors told Foreign Correspondent young African men are arriving with stomachs full of narcotics, some smuggling up to 1.2kg of cocaine in individually wrapped capsules the doctors describe as “eggs.”

In other parts of Italy, authorities have noticed a rise in the number of young pregnant Nigerian women dying from drug overdoses when capsules burst inside them. Pregnant women are less likely to face suspicion in transit. No one would imagine they could be drug mules.

A December 2019 report by German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle related how the problem is seeping into that country as well:

[V]ulnerable women often fall into the hands of traffickers in Africa and get passed along a far-reaching network until they eventually land in Germany. There, they often end up with so-called madams, women who pimp them out. Before heading to Europe, these women are told that their journey will be costly, but that this won’t be a problem, since they’ll make good money in Europe.

The plague appears to be growing rapidly by the year:

Nigerian women made up the largest share of African trafficking victims at 61%. Last year, 41 suspected Nigerian traffickers were also caught, roughly twice as many as in 2017, according to the Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office.

But the real eye-opener in the DW account is just how many Nigerians have flooded into Italy and wreaked havoc:

Over the past three years, over 20,000 Nigerian women, many of them minors, have come to Italy via the Mediterranean. The UN estimates that some 80% are victims of human trafficking or are at great risk of becoming a victim.

Do the math on that! What an enormous saga of the worst kind of human suffering. And the United Nations is fully aware of this even as it espouses its full-throated support for the migrant invasion of Europe.

One day this monstrous scandal will be seen for what it truly is: crushed human souls being flung onto a burning pile of misery to fuel the fires of globalism.

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