Man who bought Trump’s autographed sneakers for $9K responds to legacy media attacks

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2024

Roman Sharf, the founder and CEO of the luxury watch dealer Luxury Bazaar, won an autographed pair of Donald Trump’s golden “Never Surrender high-tops” after placing a winning bid of $9,000 at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con.

Soon after, Sharf was lambasted by legacy media, many of them referring to him as a “Russian oligarch.”

Here is his response:

Trump announced the launch of the golden sneakers, which are part of his new shoe line, during a surprise appearance at Philly Sneaker Con on Saturday.

The shoes, which feature an American flag detail on the back, cost $399.

Limited to just 1,000 pairs, the sneakers reportedly sold out less than two hours after the launch.

“We are going to have a winning celebration come this November, and I’ll be wearing these one-of-one Donald Trump-signed sneakers,” Sharf said after winning.

Roman Sharf and the Donald Trump-autographed shoes he bid $9,000 on. / Social Media

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