Madonna does her part to justify jihadism

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

American popular culture is a moral sewer. It celebrates drugs, pornography, abortion, mindless violence, street thugs, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, hedonism and even cannibalism. For the past 25 years, one of its cultural icons has been Madonna. The singer has limited talent. The key to Madonna’s success has not been her voice or the beauty of her songs; rather, it is her willingness to push the envelope, to shock the public with acts of lewdness and vulgarity.

Recently, at a concert in Turkey, the material girl outraged many in the audience by flashing her right breast. In Italy, she followed this up by exposing her rear to the crowd — her derriere covered only by a G-string thong. The words “No Fear” were marked on her semi-naked back. It takes no courage, however, to prance around on stage like a cheap porn star. The media laps it up; Madonna’s fans love it, praising her for being a provocative trailblazer and bold performance “artist.” In the decadent West, she has become a feminist hero — the embodiment of the sexual revolution.

Madonna performs on stage during her 'MDNA' tour at Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 31. / Getty

Madonna has made a living by courting controversy and deliberately shocking our moral sensibilities. She has simulated masturbation on stage. In a 2006 concert, the singer hung herself from a 20-foot crucifix wearing a crown of thorns. Her behavior was blasphemous and deeply insulting to Christians. Yet, her antics are also that of a puerile poseur, a secular charlatan pretending to be taking a brave stand against traditionalism. Mocking Christianity is easy; Christians are routinely vilified in Hollywood movies, TV shows and pop music. There is no professional or personal price to be paid. In fact, anti-Christian bigotry — Christophobia — is celebrated by our ruling elites. They are cowards. Liberals understand that Christianity is the true religion of peace. They know Catholic priests or Baptist ministers won’t be issuing any fatwas for blasphemous acts.

Islam, however, is a different story. If Madonna really wants to be an avatar of sexual liberation — and demonstrate “no fear” — let her paint a Muslim crescent on her back as she shows her 53-year-old behind. Or better yet, instead of hanging from a crucifix, she can display a tattooed image of the Prophet Muhammad. That, at least, would take real courage. Unfortunately, she would probably be the victim of some crazed jihadist or trigger numerous riots by rampaging Muslims. And this is why Madonna — or any other pop star — will never do it. She encapsulates the moral surrender at the heart of the secular West. Progressive multiculturalism is no match for Islamic fundamentalism.

Madonna is not the only exhibitionist singer to be intimidated by Muslim extremists. Lady Gaga recently had to cancel a concert in Indonesia for fear of inciting Islamist violence. These singers are reviled by large swathes of the Islamic world. They are viewed as symbols of the degenerate West and American cultural imperialism.

The great myth of our time is that jihadism is a by-product of U.S. foreign policy. The argument espoused by one-world liberals such as Michael Moore, Bill Maher and Madonna is that Islamic terrorists are here because we are over there; they contend that the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq combined with our support for Israel have driven countless Muslims into the arms of radical Islam. And the supposed prime recruiter for Islamist terror was former President George W. Bush — the militarist cowboy. This is false and a self-serving, dangerous delusion.

Jihadism goes back to the founding of Islam in the 7th century. The Muslim faith expanded through the sword, conquering and religiously cleansing its enemies — especially Christians and Jews. Islamic civilization has had periods of peace. But it also has always had a violent, militant streak. Modern-day Islamists are simply continuing their long struggle against Western Christendom (along with its ally Israel).

Yet Islam is much more than religious atavism and relentless expansion. It is a very serious faith based on a God-centered society. It is the fastest growing and largest religion in the world. Its adherents obey the Koran’s strict moral laws — against adultery, sexual permissiveness, abortion, homosexuality, contraception, drugs, alcohol and pornography. They regard the West’s militant secularism and cultural decadence as repugnant. We are viewed with contempt. And they rightly refuse to adopt our postmodern, nihilistic values.

There is something pathetic about an aging pop star whose claim to fame is making sadomasochism and public masturbation part of the acceptable mainstream. Madonna, however, has done more than Mr. Bush, the U.S. military or Uncle Sam ever could to stir up passionate hatred among millions of Muslims. Of course, nothing she does justifies jihad. But she is a glaring example of our moral decay, and why the Islamists believe their day is coming. They’re over here because she’s over ther