Liz Cheney, Left unhinged by Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 documentary: Overreacting perhaps?

by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2021

Practically the entire political fortunes of the Democrat Party are tied to the Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative the party constructed with the assistance of its Big Media allies.

It is a narrative that “is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered,” Julie Kelly noted in an Oct. 28 analysis for American Greatness.

Enter “Patriot Purge”, Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s three-part documentary looking at the events that unfolded on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

Assorted RINOs, Democrats, and leftist media hacks are in complete meltdown mode over the documentary.

“Unfortunately, most Americans are unaware that the Biden regime, with a big assist from the news media, is indeed conducting a domestic war on terror aimed at the political Right,” Kelly noted.

“Democrats do not want the public to hear the details of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death at the hands of Capitol Police, or the likely role of the FBI in what happened that day, or how armed federal agents have raided Trump supporters’ homes at dawn, in front of their terrified children and horrified neighbors, and dragged out in handcuffs to face various trespassing misdemeanors,” Kelly wrote.

“Democrats do not want the public to know about an inhumane jail in the nation’s capital used exclusively to punish Trump supporters, who have been denied any chance at bail by ruthless government prosecutors and hostile Beltway judges. Abusive conduct by Capitol and D.C. Metro Police officers, which included attacking the crowd with flashbangs, rubber bullets, and copious amounts of mace and other chemicals, must be kept under wraps. So, too, must at least 14,000 hours of surveillance footage captured by security cameras on January 6.”

Carlson’s documentary details what the Democrats, RINOs such as Liz Cheney, and Big Media don’t want the public to know. And when a clip previewing “Patriot Purge” was posted online, they went berserk.

Philip Bump, a national correspondent for The Washington Post, proclaimed that Carlson made the documentary to “prove he’s not a white nationalist,” whatever that means.

“Bump ironically condemns the unseen documentary as an ‘angry muddle’ while making his own angry muddle against Carlson, Fox News, January 6 protesters and a few people highlighted in the trailer, including Revolver’s Darren Beattie, the man who blew the lid off possible FBI involvement in the chaos,” Kelly notes.

Bump sneered: “Carlson wants to elevate the idea — the surreal idea, the deranged idea — that the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was fomented in whole or in part by the government so that it could crack down on the political right.”

Speaking of deranged, Wyoming RINO Liz Cheney took to social media to give her opinion on a film she has not watched: “It appears that @FoxNews is giving @TuckerCarlson a platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on January 6,” Cheney tweeted. “As @FoxNews knows, the election wasn’t stolen and January 6 was not a ‘false flag’ operation. She then tagged Fox News honchos including Rupert Murdoch and Paul Ryan to make sure they saw her tattle-tweet.”

Cheney was soon joined by fellow RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Both Cheney and Kinzinger sit on the Jan. 6 select committee. Kinzinger said of a film he hasn’t seen: “Anyone working for @FoxNews must speak out. This is disgusting. It appears @foxnews isn’t even pretending anymore.”

Discredited Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell accused Carlson of promoting “cop killers,” which is a complete lie since no police officer died as a result of the protest on Jan. 6.

Kelly noted: “Further, any suggestion that the FBI, a corrupt, partisan agency with a proven track record of acting at the behest of Democratic Party interests, was at all instrumental in what happened that day, or instigating the violence ahead of time, is strictly verboten. Never mind that even the New York Times reported that FBI informants were working with members of the Proud Boys before and during January 6 or the numerous questions raised by Beattie or the jaw-dropping revelations of the FBI’s key role in the plot to ‘kidnap’ Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year — no questions allowed.”

Kelly added: “Next thing you know, the media will accuse January 6 skeptics of promoting ‘Russian disinformation.’ ”

“Patriot Purge” premiered on Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service, on Nov. 1.

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