Lifestyles of socialist Venezuela’s rich and famous

by WorldTribune Staff, February 5, 2019

Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela’s socialist revolution, once said that “to be rich is bad.”

Last summer, the stepsons of current socialist leader Nicolas Maduro dropped $45,000 on an 18-night stay at the Ritz hotel in Paris.

Yoswal Gavidia Flores and Walter Gavidia Flores lived it up at the Ritz in Paris last summer while their stepfather, Nicolas Maduro, brought Venezuela ‘to its knees.’

“These rich Chavista kids have also been spotted in the best restaurants and clothes and jewelry shops in Madrid – as part of the lavish lifestyle they have become accustomed to, while their step-father drags their country to its knees,” The Daily Mail said in a Feb. 4 report.

Today, Chavez’s own daughters are among those who flaunt their riches as the country languishes in an economic and humanitarian hell that their father’s ideology created.

Maria Gabriela, Chavez’s oldest daughter, is reportedly Venezuela’s richest woman with a personal fortune of more than $4 billion, most of it hidden in bank accounts in Europe. The 38-year-old compiled her riches while acting as first lady to her socialist president father after he divorced his second wife.

Another of Chavez’s daughters, 21-year-old Rosines Chavez, fled to Paris in 2016 hours after she was blasted for posting a photo to social media showing her holding up a fist full of cash.

Rosines is now “enjoying a care-free student life at the Sorbonne,” the Daily Mail report said.

While Venezuelans struggled to survive as the country collapsed into chaos last year, Maduro and his family were living it up.

In September, Maduro was seen in a viral video enjoying a huge banquet hosted by celebrity-chef Salt Bae in Istanbul. Most Venezuelans cannot afford fresh meat.

Maduro’s two stepsons – Yoswal Gavidia Flores and Walter Gavidia Flores – ran up a hotel bill in Paris over the summer that “is the equivalent of the monthly wages of 2,000 Venezuelans,” the Daily Mail noted.

Maduro’s daughter, Daniela, is reportedly dating latin pop-singer Omar Acedo.

The Daily Mail noted that Maduro’s son Nicolacito “keeps a much lower profile. His only controversy is to have threatened Donald Trump that he would shoot up New York and take over the White House if the U.S. Army invaded, during a parliamentary speech in 2017.”

Also among the Chavista socialist elite behaving badly are two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady Cilia Flores.

Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and Franqui Francisco Flores were jailed in 2017 for 18 years each after they were caught trying to smuggle $20 million worth of cocaine into the United States via Haiti.

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