Liberals erupt after Ivanka Trump gave her daughter a white dog


by WorldTribune Staff, July 24, 2019

White House adviser Ivanka Trump gave her 8-year-old daughter a dog as a birthday gift.

The daughter of President Donald Trump and wife of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner posted a photo of the all-white, blue-eyed pup, writing: “Meet Winter, Arabella’s birthday dream come true and the newest member of the Kushner family!”

Winter. / Twitter

The horror!

Triggered liberals, and not just one or two, rushed to berate Ivanka.

Sort-of celebrity Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted: “How darling. I see you skipped a rescue and went straight to an Aryan breeder. Does it sit and sieg heil yet?”

Some wonder if Grahn, a soap opera performer, asked the same of Barbra Streisand, has three white dogs.

Oh, the humanity!

Claude Taylor, who worked on the 1992 and 1996 Bill Clinton presidential campaigns, tweeted: “The dog will fit right in. #itswhiteenough.”

Hollywood celebrity Yvette Nicole Brown, who is black, tweeted: “Good thing it’s a white dog. Your dad hates the blacks.”

Disgraced celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, addressing Donald Trump Jr., tweeted: “Condolences on your sister replacing you as her favorite puppy. Btw, does your family allow anything in their lives that is not WHITE?”

It is known that dogs do not see the same color field as humans. It is also known that liberal humans in 2019 see red in all things Trump.

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