Liberal women abused by protector-of-women Eric Schneiderman finally broke silence

by WorldTribune Staff, May 10, 2018

Eric Schneiderman “is another story of a super-powerful liberal man, who touted himself a savior of women, friend and leader of the Democratic hero class, and slayer of evil, misogynist conservatives, who ends up being all that he condemned,” a columnist wrote.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned on May 8.

The allegations against Schneiderman, who resigned as New York Attorney General on May 8, “are horrific and, in this time of #MeToo, disgustingly familiar,” Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, wrote in a May 9 op-ed for The Washington Times.

“But now we also have some honest reflection in the report about the political nature of the decision for some women to remain silent, even in the face of horrific abuse.”

In an appearance on Fox News, Bruce said that “All these liberal men clothe themselves in the cloak of feminism. (Harvey) Weinstein did the same thing, Bill Clinton was doing the same thing. It was all about ‘we’re your protectors, we’re your advocates.’ And that had kept them safe.”

Schneiderman’s case is “The height of irony, but also an indication how manipulated liberals have become by their own leadership: Some women are willing to look away from physical and emotionally abuse, rape, and beatings and say nothing, in the name of saving women from … violence and abuse,” Bruce wrote.

New Yorker Magazine, which first brought the accusations to light, noted that, when confronted with being abused, one of Schneiderman’s alleged victims appealed to friends for advice.

“After the former girlfriend ended the relationship, she told several friends about the abuse. A number of them advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose. She described this response as heartbreaking,” the magazine reported.

Another victim who was described in the New Yorker report as being prominent in the legal field, was direct about her decision-making process about whether or not to report his alleged behavior, “… I thought, He’s a good attorney general, he’s doing good things. I didn’t want to jeopardize that.”

Bruce wrote: “Some argue this is about hypocrisy, but it’s more than that. Liberal women must begin to reject the training they’re put through that convinces them anyone who does not pay allegiance to the liberal agenda is the enemy. The liberal leadership insistence that those who are not liberal are to be hated must be jettisoned.”

Meanwhile, New York attorney Peter Gleason said that “two women at two separate times” came to his office to complain about Schneiderman and “the way he treated women.”

“Neither of these women want to have their identity revealed, but this is going back several years and I’m involved in local downtown Democratic politics and Albany all the way to the executive branch was fully aware of what Mr. Schneiderman is doing,” Gleason told The Daily Caller.

Gleason said it is now “refreshing” that “people’s allegations of misconduct are finally being taken seriously.”

The charges of abuse against Schneiderman included slapping and strangulation. Gleason told the Daily Caller his clients gave similar accounts about Schneiderman, but did not file police reports because they believed they would have ended up on the “shorter end of the stick.”

“You have to remember [2014] was the time before the #MeToo movement really picked up steam and traction. So, the decision whether or not to move forward was made by the client and there’s a variety of factors including the damage to reputation when somebody makes an allegation which will fall on deaf ears,” he said.

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