Levin on Bernie Sanders: ‘This guy’s never run a 7-11’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 1, 2020

Radio and TV host Mark Levin on Saturday said that conservatives “need to crush Bernie Sanders.”

“We need to crush his little Marxist Army. We need to defeat them on the battlefield of politics,” Levin said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Mark Levin speaks at CPAC 2020. / YouTube

“Bernie Sanders is an old Red. He’s a throwback, he’s an old Brooklyn Communist. . . He’s accomplished absolutely nothing, thank God. And what does he want to do? Nationalize. Nationalize. Free this. Free that. This guy’s never run a 7-11,” Levin said.

Asked if the U.S. would actually have a Marxist who could be president, Levin replied:

“First of all, you’re not allowed to call him a Marxist. You notice how they control the language? ‘He’s a Democratic Socialist. Oh! So then he must be OK.’ No, he’s not OK. He’s a Marxist. He’s been a Marxist. He will always be a Marxist. That’s number one.

“Number two. The Democrat party, like it or not, is the biggest political party in America. Can you imagine the Democrat party nominating a Marxist for President of the United States? Now this has been a slow burn. They’ve been building up to this moment. But if you’re a conservative, a Constitutionalist, this has to concern you.

“When people say, oh the Democratic establishment is trying to defeat him, I say, well defeat him. …

“We need to defeat these people every step of the way . . . When you look at the lineup of the Democrat party, there’s not a moderate among them. You want to abolish the electoral college? They believe in open borders.”

Levin continued: “Can I say something about our healthcare system? It’s the greatest healthcare system on the face of the earth. And to the extent that it’s too expensive, you can thank Mother Government, that drives up the costs, that eliminates competition.

“You want to fix the healthcare system? We ought to have a thousand insurance companies. We ought to have a thousand healthcare plans. We ought to have a thousand times more doctors and nurses. It’s called competition. It’s called capitalism.”

Levin told the CPAC audience:

“When’s the last time you’ve heard the word liberty? Individualism? Private property rights?

“You understand, you do, that this is the basis for our nation. Anybody can create a totalitarian, centralized, bureaucratic, overbearing, devouring regime. Every little nut job dictator in the third world does that. And that’s where Bernie Sanders is. . .

“What is this Democratic Socialism? How do you have Democratic Socialism, when socialists hate democracy?

“You get one vote. They get in power. Then they destroy everything.

“Now how many more examples of ‘Democratic Socialism’ do we need? How many more backwards, repressive, depraved societies do we need to create? How many more human guinea pigs do there need to be? From China, to the old Soviet Union to Zimbabwe to Venezuela to Cuba . . . to California. How many more do we need?”

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