Letter to the editor: Release Jan. 6 prisoners now

Special to WorldTribune, January 5, 2023

The following letter to the editor of the National Weekly edition of the Washington Times was published on  Dec. 26, 2022.

Why are American citizens still being held, without consideration of their rights under the Constitution, in a Washington, D.C., dungeon?

We spend billions of dollars supporting those who resist Russia in Ukraine. We applaud dissidents in communist China who want freedom from COVID-19 restrictions. Yet our own citizens who had legitimate concerns about the 2020 election remain locked up after almost two years.

Whether it is the Justice Department, FBI or the White House, never before in our history has mass corruption been so evident. Recent news released by Elon Musk about our government and the Democratic National Committee censoring information on Twitter vindicates these patriots who resisted the lie that incompetent Joe Biden and his perverse colleagues had any place near the White House.

In 1861, when President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to impede secessionists who were attempting to surround the Capitol, there may have been valid concern of ensuing violence. However, the Jan. 6 protesters were neither armed nor there to incite violence; that came at the hands of the U.S. Capitol Police, who killed an unarmed female protester.

The very fact that these protesters remain locked up is reminiscent of what occurred hundreds of years ago in England, where adversaries were thrown into the infamous Tower of London. Our Founders courageously fought against this type of tyranny in the Revolutionary War.

It is time for the release of these Americans. The new leadership in the House of Representatives should make this a priority.

Ed Mulvaney Jr.
Anniston, Alabama

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