Letter to the editor: An American in the house

Special to WorldTribune.com

From Fairfax Free Citizen

How glorious it is to have an American in the White House. The man not favored by the media maniacs, the Washingtonians, uninformed Americans, and the dumb masses in general is proving that he believes in America first, last, always.

The new American president is unabashedly pro-American.

How successful the new President will be depends on acceptance of the new agenda by the elititst snobs in the Republican Party. At this writing, neither of the two senators who represent this correspondent in Washington has been very vocal about the new President and the new agenda.

In typical Washingtonian fashion, they will lay low and surface only when they have news that favors them in the next election. The Trump Presidency will give them and other elitists many opportunities to exhibit their allegiance to the Republic or themselves.

One such opportunity comes with the announcement that Trump will cease federal dollars to cities that offer safe haven to illegal immigrants. The reaction from mayors of these cities, mostly Democrats, should result in legal action against the mayors for their open defiance of federal law.

The fundamental issue is that elected officials, like the rest of us, do not get to choose which laws to obey or enforce. Liberals and politicians think they are exceptions to the rule of law. Illegal aliens should not be welcomed to America.

Even casual observers of the illegal immigration problem know that open borders pose a number of problems for all of us. In addition to communicable diseases, there is the threat of terrorist activity. Dollar cost for the illegals is incalculable. Whatever the cost in dollars, it is not cheap.

One step that could, and should, be done is to eliminate reasons for illegals to come here. Step one in that process is to deny welfare payments to them. Illegals, whether they are Hispanic, Muslim, or other immediately become eligible for a host of government benefits.

Medicaid, supplemental income, education, job training, housing, even food are all available to the illegals. All this is tremendous incentive for them to come here. All of it could be stopped if there were Americans in the halls of Congress.

Our immigration system is not broken. Enforce the law. Stop the welfare payments to the illegals. They will stop their migration to the land of milk, honey, and free stuff. These common sense approaches to the problem conflict with the politicization of the issue by our arrogant ruling class.

It is yet another example of Democratic Party excess fully supported by the equally political Republican Party. President Trump has put a moratorium on the flood of Muslims to America. The Congress, controlled by the Republicans, must do the right thing and put the interests of our nation above their selfish desire to win the next election. Whether they do what is right remains to be seen. History indicates the pompous Republicans will once again ignore their lawful responsibilities. They will prove that indeed, we are not a nation of laws but a nation of men dedicated to their own agenda that does not include preserving the Republic.

Chuck Wade
Butler, GA