Leftist who trailed in LA mayoral race, surges after polls closed thanks to mail-in ballots

by WorldTribune Staff, June 17, 2022

As the saying, attributed by some to Joseph Stalin, goes: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

Karen Bass surged ahead of Rick Caruso in the LA mayoral primary thanks to late-arriving mail-in ballots.

In the race for Los Angeles mayor, leftist candidate Karen Bass has surged ahead of Republican-turned-Democrat Rick Caruso after the post-election day arrival of a slew of mail-in ballots, reports say.

Bass, a former Democrat member of Congress who vehemently pushed for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, was the beneficiary of a massive eight-point swing in the voting results after a large number of the mail-in ballots were tallied.

Caruso, who is running as a political outsider promising to fix homelessness and crime in the city, was leading the race by five points following the initial tally from in-person polls.

There are still 245,000 ballots left to count, according to reports which said the final result may not be known for “days or weeks.”

Progressive candidates across Los Angeles also experienced huge surges in votes as mail-in ballots were counted.

The Los Angeles Times reported: “Rep. Karen Bass pulled ahead of rival Rick Caruso in the primary election for Los Angeles mayor on Tuesday after a surge of vote-by-mail ballots boosted the congresswoman and several other progressive candidates. Over the last week, a flood of late-arriving mail ballots propelled left-of-center candidates in races for mayor, city attorney and multiple council seats. The mail-in ballots also helped progressive candidates in races against incumbent council members.”

As Gateway Pundit’s Julian Conradson noted: “As always, these mysterious, election-determining mail-in ballots favor the most radical Democrat in the race. Even when counties show massive shifts in public sentiment and voting patterns. What’s more, the final tally of the LA mayoral primary is not expected to be released for ‘days or even weeks,’ according to the LA Times. As we saw in 2020, nowadays election officials need all the time they can get to sort out the mail-in ballots and determine the ‘winner.’ ”

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