Leading cardiologist warns: ‘16,000 kids injured by the vaccine’; Emerging ‘public health threat’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 29, 2021

In a lecture delivered in Fresno, California on Dec. 22, Dr. Peter McCullough warned of life-threatening reactions in children receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, a preventative, he says, that holds zero benefit for the young.

“The CDC in June had 200 cases and everybody agreed the vaccine caused the problem. The FDA put warnings on Pfizer and Moderna and said they cause myocarditis,” Dr. McCullough explained.

“Now we have 16,000 kids injured by the vaccine and the number continues to climb,” he said. “It won’t stop until the vaccine stops, and these poor children are being vaccinated, some of them against their will.”

An internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist, Dr. McCullough is one of the most highly published research physicians in his field and is the world’s leading authority on early treatment of COVID-19. One of the foremost concerns is myocarditis, which for many has lasting consequences.

Boys are especially at risk, Dr. McCullough stated. “Healthy boys have a considerably higher chance of hospitalization with myocarditis than taking their chances with COVID.”

“The FDA knows that children are more likely to be hospitalized with heart damage than benefit from the vaccine for COVID-19. Hoeg showed it is explosive after shot two. Boys way more than girls, and the estimates that Hoeg came up with in terms of cases per million are way higher than what the CDC ever thought,” Dr. McCullough said, referring to a groundbreaking September study published by Dr. Tracy Hoeg, PhD and colleagues.

The problem with the current COVID-19 vaccines is that, as genetic vaccines, they use the recipient’s own body to produce the virus’s spike protein, Dr. McCullough explained. This produces much higher levels of spike protein in vaccine recipients than in individuals contracting COVID-19 naturally, which must be fought off throughout the body rather than primarily in the nose and mouth as with natural infection.

“With myocarditis, it’s a massive amount of inflammation in the heart because the spike protein is loading into the heart and the body doesn’t like that,” Dr. McCullough said. “The body reacts to that.” The spike protein damages the “delicate cells that support capillaries” and the cardiac muscle cells “within the heart.”

“We know by this paper by Hoeg and colleagues, University of California, Davis, a high-quality paper, presented at the two [FDA] pediatric meetings, from VAERS and VSAFE, in ages 12 to 17, Hogue showed that 86% of these kids with myocarditis require hospitalization. It’s serious. It is not mild. We don’t hospitalize people with mild conditions. One of the things that FDA and CDC officials keep saying is that it’s mild.”

Dr. Hoeg’s research found teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer heart problems due to the vaccine than be hospitalized because of the disease itself.

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Children at risk from the vaccines, not from COVID-19 itself

The crisis is made more tragic by the fact that children are not at risk from COVID-19 infection, Dr. McCullough said.

Annual health statistics demonstrate that the past year has been no different than pre-pandemic years for children’s health, with no difference in the number of viral respiratory deaths.

“We have about 600 deaths per year in the United States of children, sadly, of respiratory deaths, with influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia, and respiratory syncytial virus,” Dr. McCullough said. The victims are “largely children with cystic fibrosis or congenital heart and lung disease. The children aren’t well to begin with. This last year in COVID, we’ve had about 600 children die with COVID. It largely replaced those who would have died with flu.”

The risk of death from the pandemic is so extraordinarily low for children that it appears to have been the sole cause of only a single child death in the U.S. “The analyses are that only one child really died of COVID, and sadly that child didn’t receive any treatment,” Dr. McCullough said.

A highly treatable disease in children

The good news is that COVID “is very treatable in children,” Dr. McCullough explained. “We can treat COVID-19, if they have severe symptoms, with albuterol, budesonide, azithromycin (liquid), prednisolone (liquid), weight-based aspirin. We can always get kids out of it. Children are not a problem with COVID-19.”

He says it is the right drugs in combination that have proven effective against the disease.

For children COVID-19 is already over

COVID-19 “is a problem of our seniors. Younger people get through COVID just fine. Children, it’s less than a common cold. The average kid gets a cold four times a year. They won’t be able to tell COVID versus not.”

Further, the pandemic is likely already over for children.

”In the September and October pediatric meetings at the FDA it was generally agreed in the meeting minutes that 40% of American kids had already had COVID — through May. Now, with the Delta outbreak over the summer, my estimates are 80% of the children have already had COVID-19,” Dr. McCullough explained. “It’s over with. They’ve already had it.”

“Am I right?” he continued. “I think I am. Why? Because the kids are back at school. They are all back at school. No outbreaks. If the kids are back in school and there are no outbreaks of COVID, it’s done. It’s over with. There is no rationale now to try to vaccinate the children. It is not a severe illness for them and we could potentially offer harm.”

‘Human shields’

“There are families who won’t let children see the seniors because the children haven’t taken the vaccine. Do those families really want to see those kids damaged in an attempt to make them a human shield?” Dr. McCullough asks.

He believes what is driving the push to vaccinate children is their elders’ self-interested, misguided fear. He exhorts people to speak out against it.

“What I think is going on is this kind of mass fear of older people who are really scared of COVID-19. I think they are trying to use the children as human shields. That’s wrong. Anybody in your circles that proposes a child be vaccinated, why don’t you bring that up? Who’s this vaccine really for? Is it for the child, or is it an attempt to make that child a human shield?

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Dr. McCullough explains he is not an anti-vaccine proponent and is up to date on all of his non-COVID-19 vaccines. He believes the Novavax vaccine is promising for protection against COVID-19. It is not a genetic vaccine, which means it does not employ mRNA or DNA to trigger the human body to create the spike protein.

“If children want to stay healthy and parents want their children to be healthy simply don’t let them get the vaccine,” Dr. McCullough advised. “The vaccine-induced diseases that we are seeing will probably be a leading public health threat.”

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