‘Lawfare’ backlash: Pollster finds Left is making Trump the ‘Nelson Mandela of America’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 22, 2023

Team Biden is flirting with disaster in its lawfare assault on Donald Trump, a new poll shows.

A new poll by McLaughlin & Associates found that 69% of Americans believe that politics “has played” a role in the four indictments against Trump.

The survey found 58% believe that Joe Biden has played a role in the pursuit of those indictments, including one-third of Democrats, 54% of black people, and 58% of Hispanics. And 56% want the Department of Justice to “stop targeting Donald Trump and interfering with the upcoming presidential election and Biden should let the voters decide who the next president should be.”

“Biden is trying to make Donald Trump the Nelson Mandela of America,” said pollster John McLaughlin. “It’s only galvanizing the support for him, the political persecution. It’s scary.”

McLaughlin added: “So far all their indictments have backfired and made Trump stronger because the majority of fair-minded Americans see this for what it is. And now with the decision to take him off the ballot, people are losing their civil rights. Trump’s losing his right to free speech and his right as a citizen and in the meantime you have the voters losing their civil rights to vote to decide who they want as president. And if they can do this to Trump they can do it to any Republican or any political opponent.”

Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York noted: “It is as if anti-Trump leaders concluded that elections did not succeed in getting rid of him and media attacks did not succeed in getting rid of him and investigations did not succeed in getting rid of him and now the next step is lawfare. That’s where we are now.

“It is hard to overstate how crazy this situation is. In the two federal criminal cases, the Biden administration is prosecuting the president’s main political opponent in the run-up to an election. In the two local criminal cases and the New York lawsuit, elected Democrats who ran for office promising to pursue a single political target, Trump, are making good on their promises. And in the Colorado case, Trump’s political opponents have dreamed up a novel use for a clause in a Reconstruction-era constitutional amendment that was long thought dead.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung released a statement after the Colorado ruling:

“Unsurprisingly, the all-Democrat appointed Colorado Supreme Court has ruled against President Trump, supporting a Soros-funded, left-wing group’s scheme to interfere in an election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden by removing President Trump’s name from the ballot and eliminating the rights of Colorado voters to vote for the candidate of their choice. Democrat Party leaders are in a state of paranoia over the growing, dominant lead President Trump has amassed in the polls. They have lost faith in the failed Biden presidency and are now doing everything they can to stop the American voters from throwing them out of office next November. The Colorado Supreme Court issued a completely flawed decision tonight and we will swiftly file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court and a concurrent request for a stay of this deeply undemocratic decision. We have full confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will quickly rule in our favor and finally put an end to these unAmerican lawsuits.”

Legendary defamation attorney Lin Wood, who recently retired in the face of a multi-state lawfare campaign against him, wrote in a Telegram post:

“Look at what the Colorado Supreme Court just did to President Trump. They voted 4-3 to remove his name from the 2024 Republican primary ballot.

“In so doing, they violated his right of free speech and his right to peacefully assemble to protest government wrongdoing. And they found him guilty of inciting an insurrection — a crime for which he has never been charged or been afforded due process and a right to a trial by jury!!!

“The Colorado Supreme Court literally ripped up the Bill of Rights in order to further wrongfully persecute President Trump. And on top of ALL of those wrongs, they applied a provision of law from the post-Civil War era that does not even apply to a President!!!

“The rule of law has been lost in our country. Tyranny. …

“Our nation is going to hell. Pray for President Trump and our nation as only God can save him, our nation and each of us.”

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