Korean War veterans broadcast international appeal: ‘South Korea is in danger’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 31, 2019

“A flower of democracy in South Korea is about to fall,” warned a group of more than 850 retired South Korean military officials in an open letter.

Their appeal was addressed to Korean War veterans in the United States and other nations who fought under the UN Command against communist forces after the North Korean invasion on June 25, 1950.

KORGAD members

“South Korea is in danger,” the group said. “We the veterans came to the conclusion that the current situation in Korea is just as same as the Korean War. Our situation now is the dawn of the D-Day of the Korean War.”

The group, Korea Retired Generals and Admirals Defending the nation (KORGAD), is sounding the alarm at what they say is a sharp move away from democracy by the liberal administration of President Moon Jae-In.

Tara O, director of the East Asia Research Center and a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force (Ret.), wrote: “When 850+ retired generals and admirals speak with one voice and send an SOS to the veterans outside of South Korea, they have a good reason. They’re afraid Moon Jae-In and his groups are destroying South Korea and turning it into a socialist country. The process of trying to decouple the U.S. and Japan from South Korea, and orienting South Korea toward North Korea, China, and Russia is occurring as we speak. Left unchecked, millions could lose freedom and lives.”

The KORGAD group said it was appealing to the international community “because we have no power to defeat the challenge by ourselves. Now, we have no fancy uniforms, no firepower, but old bones, and bare fists. … We came to the reality that we had to send a rescue request to the Korean Veterans who shed blood together in the Korean soil. Dear brothers, please listen to our shameful story of request.”

The group said “the current situation in South Korea is happening without the knowledge of our brothers and sisters overseas. The past Korean War was the same. 4 a.m., June 25, 1950. It was a Sunday; most of the South Korean Soldiers at that time were on a vacation. Nobody expected North Korea’s sudden attack on South Korea. That’s how it all started.

“At that time nobody knew what was coming. The current situation in South Korea is the same as the past. Currently even the South Korean people are unaware of the seriousness. News about South Korea is very limited overseas. Nobody ever delivers the story from deep inside of South Korea.”

KORGAD said that the “story of South Korea resembles the 1970s New Left Movement in the U.S. In 1960s-70s in the U.S., there were multiple subversive groups, Fifth Columns: Students for Democratic Society (SDS) and Weather Underground Organization (WUO). These groups systematically promoted the Anti-Vietnam War movement and interrupted democracy in the U.S. Based on the CIA investigation, many of them linked to foreign governments, namely Communist Soviet Union and DPRK, orchestrated these groups in the background. (CIA reference: MH/CHAOS – Frank Rafalko).”

Now, the group of generals contend, “South Korean President (Moon Jae-In), who has a long record of subversion, and his fellow comrades are in charge of South Korea. Can you imagine if the U.S. president was a former member of Weather Underground Organization? This unimaginable situation is the current situation in South Korea.

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“A former human rights attorney, Moon Jae-In remains silent about the human rights abuses of North Korea. Also, he ordered South Korean Delegation to the United Nations to abstain the resolution for North Korea Human Rights. This story was revealed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, Song Min-Sun.”

KORGAD continued: “The current president of South Korea did not participate in the event to commemorate fallen naval warriors of Cheonan naval ship for 2 consecutive years. The current president of South Korea did not participate in the event to commemorate Korean War veterans for 3 consecutive years.”

The generals said that “Since January of 2018, the Moon Jae-In administration ordered NIS, National Intelligence Service, to transfer its North Korea division to the police. The South Korean Police has no ISR capability against North Korea and has no system to share its intelligence with the U.S. Intelligence Community.

“South Korea’s only intelligence Agency, NIS (National Intelligence Service) is no longer collecting intelligence about its number 1 threat, North Korea.”


The Moon Jae-In administration, KORGAD said, is also “considering putting the photo of a former chief of Intelligence, Kim Jae-Kyu, who assassinated President Park Chung-Hee, on the wall in the Defense Security Command headquarters. After he killed the former president of South Korea, Kim Jae-Kyu said at the court, ‘it was a Revolution.’ This current government of South Korea tried to commemorate the assassin who was known to be anti-government.”

The generals continued: “South Korea has been a democratic country for the last 66 years after the Korean War, but the journey was rough. We have faced multiple crises and challenges. Sometimes, we had many twists and turns in our history. Also, there were small and large provocations by North Korea.

“After all, these were all necessary steps in the maturation of democracy within South Korea. While we are building a stronger democracy in South Korea, North Korea could not stand it. North Korea exploited all possible ways and means to interrupt the establishment of democracy in South Korea.”

Most recently, the group said, on June 25, the 69th anniversary of the Korean War, the mayor of Seoul “mobilized government contractors and police forces to demolish the South Korea’s Our Republican Party’s Anti-North Korea rally site in Seoul. Government contractors violently oppressed innocent citizens. This is not the story from Hong Kong, but South Korea in recent weeks.”

KORGAD also noted the April 2017 Inter-Korea Summit where “we the Veterans eye-witnessed the moment when the two Koreas’ leaders hugged each other. We all thought Korean Unification will come soon before we die, but about a week after Inter-Korea Summit, May 3rd midnight, in the middle of international waters, South Korean Tanker JEY HOPE stayed along with the North Korean Tanker, NAMSAN 8. This North Korean tanker has been subjected to sanctions by the U.S. and the United Nations.

“This is the first incident of South Korean vessel’s suspicious ship-to-ship transfer of oil to North Korea. Until now, South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains silent from the inquiries of the international community about this ship-to-ship transfer of oil to North Korea.”

The generals also noted that “Recently, 4 escapees of North Korea came to South Korea via sea, but South Korean government sent 2 of 4 escapees back to North Korea within a week. South Korea’s only Intelligence Service, National Intelligence Service (NIS), destroyed the escapees’ boat. Therefore, the U.S. Intelligence counterpart lost its chance to investigate the incident. What I am telling you now is only a few stories of what’s happening in South Korea.”

The generals said “We have now decided that there is no other way but to appeal to veterans around the world. Soon, the South Korean government is going to accept the system of North Korea. If South Korea becomes a Communist country, the blood and sweat that we shed in this country together will be wasted. We have to fight back together to defend the democracy of South Korea.”

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