Justice Gorsuch says ‘Merry Christmas’ on TV and all hell breaks lose

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 18, 2019

For not-so-cheerful leftists, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch committed two atrocities in a matter of minutes on Tuesday.

Not only did Gorsuch say “Merry Christmas” while on live television, he did it while appearing on — the horror! — Fox & Friends.

While promoting his book ““A Republic, If You Can Keep It”, Gorsuch wished host Ainsley Earhardt “Merry Christmas” — touching off an avalanche of criticism from triggered leftists.

Outraged by the perceived hate crime perpetrated on her by a member of the Supreme Court, Amee Vanderpool, a self-described “writer, lawyer” and “contributor” to Playboy, tweeted: “Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, making a point to parrot the “Merry Christmas” talking point of the GOP. If he’s willing to go on Fox and throw a shout out to Republican narratives, what else is he willing to do?”

For most Democrats who are, perish the thought, also Christians, “Merry Christmas” is now apparently a “Republican narrative.”

Leftist talking head Brian Stelter of CNN, who hosts one of the most partisan shows on TV, tweeted: “Justice Neil Gorsuch is on “Fox & Friends” right now. The Q: How is it appropriate for a Supreme Court justice to try to goose sales of his three-month-old book by chatting on one of the most partisan shows on TV?”

Twitter users then reminded Stelter of the occasions when Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor “goosed sales” of their books on liberal Stephen Colbert’s show. Oh yes, and there’s that time Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave an interview with The New York Times in which she pleaded with people not to vote for Donald Trump.

As the Left seethed, Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina circulated a digital Christmas card for Gorsuch.

Tillis wrote: “I worked tirelessly to confirm Justice Gorsuch, and I’m not about to let Democrats smear him for wishing Americans a Merry Christmas. That’s why I’m putting together a Merry Christmas card to send to Justice Gorsuch and his family – will you add your name?”

The Daily Caller noted that the U.S. Judicial Code provides that judges must avoid all appearances of impropriety, and should “expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny and accept freely and willingly restrictions that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen.” However, the code does not formally bind Supreme Court justices.

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