Judicial reform? For globalists, the ‘revolution of tanks’ is the final option

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Alexander Maistrovoy

For the third time in its short history, Israel, by the will of fate or metaphysical destiny, once again finds itself in the epicenter of the struggle of the Western world with supranational totalitarian systems.

Israel’s supreme court rejected the appointment of judicial reform advocate Aryeh Deri: ‘Tanks will be a response to the attempt to limit the power of judges.’

At the first time, it became an outpost on the path of the powerful Soviet empire, which sought to establish a communist world dictatorship.

Then the second time, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was attacked by the Islamists, who practiced the most monstrous methods of “fighting the infidels” here.  This onslaught was repulsed, and the jihadists were at least temporarily weakened.

The third time was marked by the advent of another, perhaps the most sophisticated, totalitarian ideology — globalism. And again, as before, the Jewish state has become the main battlefield.

The goal of globalism as an ideological system is the elimination of national states and cultures and the transformation of Western states into a sterile territory with unlimited financial, material and intellectual resources.

A human being in such system is doomed to turn into an infantile, ignorant and thoughtless consumer whose mind is filled with all sorts of ridiculous fantasies, such as “reptilian people”, “zombie apocalypse”, New Age beliefs and “flat earth”. They will be guided not by reason, but by spontaneous desires and emotions, and in fact, will turn into a pet, where their fate depends entirely on the desires and whims of their owners.

This offensive against human being, as a thinking and independent creature, expands in all directions.

Under the pretext of “global warming”, the economies of the leading states, their energy resources and modern agriculture are being destroyed.

Under the pretext of “multiculturalism, equal rights for minorities and the rescue of refugees,” ethnic substitution of entire nations is taking place.

Under the pretext of “fighting racism, imperialism and white supremacy”, globalists carry out a total destruction of the national history of Western states with their unique philosophy, culture, brilliant scientific achievements, literature and architecture.

Under the pretext of “equality of rights of sexual minorities”, psychophysical anomalies are presented as the highest value, the institution of the family and human psychology are  being destroyed. Art becomes a disgusting caricature of itself. Monotheistic religions are being replaced by ridiculous pagan cults, occult and esoteric practices. Young minds are subjected to sophisticated brainwashing that even the Soviet system did not know of.

Finally, under the pretext of protecting democracy, cultural totalitarianism is established, in which ” dissenters” are pushed to the periphery of public and political life, declared racists, fascists or mentally ill people. ‘Fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly’ of prophet Daniel, as if resurrected from the dark depths, has come into the world.

All sorts of manipulations are used to take over the world, including an alliance with the progressives with their destructive agenda and Islamists — primarily the Muslim Brotherhood and their sponsors: Turkey and Qatar. There is a ruthless persecution of those who are trying to save their peoples from cultural destruction: first of all, Hungary and Poland, perhaps the last strongholds of Western civilization in the Old World.

However, the main tool of the globalists is now the judicial system — the one that was perceived by the fathers of democracy, from Alexis de Tocqueville, Jeremy Bentham and John Mill to Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, as the main pillar of democracy.

Finally, under the pretext of protecting democracy, cultural totalitarianism is established, in which ” dissenters” are pushed to the periphery of public and political life, declared racists, fascists or mentally ill people.

Judicial institutions of Western countries have turned into supranational structures, often not controlled by anyone, a kind of closed elite “priesthood”. Those who try to get in the way of globalism immediately become the object of legal persecution, supported by the media, the Academy and the highest officials.

Trump in America, Netanyahu in Israel, Silveo Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France, “Alternative for Germany”, Sebastian Kurz in Austria, Andrej Babiš in the Czech Republic — these are the most striking examples of modern auto-da-fé. The accusations range from fraud, as in the case of Trump, Netanyahu and Babiš, to “illegally keeping migrants on board a ship”, as in the case of Matteo Salvini, and sympathies for the Nazis and fascists, as in the case of Giorgia Meloni.

In some cases, politicians get justified, like it happened to Marine le Pen. Even so she surprisingly softened her position on migrants. In some cases, like it happened to Kurtz, they are forced to leave politics completely.

Israel is a unique case where the most popular statesman, against whom four cases were initiated at once, managed to return to power thanks to the support of the society. Moreover, he gave carte blanche to his Minister of Justice to implement a judicial reform, that is to deprive the judicial caste of the exclusive status and unlimited powers. In doing so, he jeopardized all the privileges enjoyed by the judicial elite.

If the new government wins the battle in Israel, the “bad example” could be contagious. This is a dangerous precedent.

Globalists cannot allow any legitimate government of any country to disarm their “sacred establishment”, to take away their main instrument of power from them. This is a war of life and death, and this is what we are seeing today: mass hysteria, calls for defiance and rebellion, intimidation with threats of collapse of democracy, civil war and destruction of the state, political liquidation of key right-wing politicians, as in the case of Aryeh Deri.

If this unbridled orgy does not force the government to capitulate, the situation will be deliberately aggravated. Bloody provocations, riots, assassination attempts, and mass clashes are possible.

Just like for Lenin and his accomplices Russia was nothing more than an experimental field, so for the current globalists Israel and other countries are nothing more than a territory on which they, through their puppets, are “experimenting on people”*, according to Viktor Orban. If at this stage the current government shows firmness and does not give in, or if the situation finally gets out of control, the elite will turn to their last resort — what ex-President of the Supreme Court Aaron Barak called the ” tanks revolution”.**

In other words, tanks will be a response to the attempt to limit the power of judges — the world globalist elite will go for the establishment of a direct dictatorship. For they understand well that having lost in Israel they risk losing the entire West. All their achievements and aspirations are put at stake today.

*“I don’t like experimenting on people. Human experimentation is dangerous.” (Viktor Orbán)

**  “You have no greater evil than this as a constitutional revolution. The most parallel thing is a tanks revolution.” (Retired President of the Supreme Court, Aharon Barak)

Born in Moscow, Alexander Maistrovoy is a journalist based in Israel and the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)”, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.