John Stossel takes on ‘fact checkers’ who censored his video on climate change

by WorldTribune Staff, June 14, 2021

A group of climate alarmists have formed an alliance known as Climate Feedback that is trying to silence any debate that goes against the leftist narrative on climate change, and Facebook is letting them do it, author and commentator John Stossel said.

A recent video Stossel posted shows a number of scientists going against the narrative of a climate emergency constructed by the Left and promoted as sacrosanct by Big Tech and Big Media.

The video received more than 25 million views, 24 million of which were on Facebook.

Stossel said Facebook removed the video after complaints from Climate Feedback “fact-checker” Emmanuel Vincent.

“Facebook will not show it to you because Emmanuel Vincent suddenly called it ‘partially false,’ ” Stossel said.

Climate alarmism is quite lucrative for a lot of people, so those driving the narrative must shut down anyone who questions it.

“Children are frightened that they’re going to drown,” Stossel notes. “Young adults aren’t having babies because they think climate change is going to end the world!”

Stossel added: “Someone should respond to climate alarmism, because people are terrified.” He did respond, confronting the “fact-checkers”. See below.

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