Joe Biden’s America: Citizens need photo ID to fly, illegal immigrants don’t

by WorldTribune Staff, May 9, 2023

American citizens are required to present a photo ID before boarding a commercial flight. But Team Biden has been putting illegal immigrants on planes and flying them all over the United States without requiring a photo ID.

Migrants at Westchester County Airport /

The Biden policy allows illegal immigrants to show their catch-and-release papers from the Department of Homeland Security which includes the name they provided to Border Patrol agents when they were caught.

House Republicans want to end that policy, The Washington Times reported on Monday.

“While U.S. citizens are required to have government-issued identification to board a commercial flight, the Biden administration allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to board flights with no form of confirmed identification,” Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told The Washington Times in a statement.

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Green is one of the authors of the Secure the Border Act, which includes language prohibiting Homeland Security from allowing migrants on flights by accepting their catch-and-release documents such as arrest warrants or immigration court summonses.

Biden administration policy “presents severe security gaps that threaten the safety of U.S. air travelers. The flying public deserves a safe and secure aviation system, and the American people need laws that are actually enforced, which is exactly what the Secure the Border Act will do,” Green said.

About 6 million unauthorized migrants have been encountered trying to enter the U.S. since January 2021. Of those, as many as 3 million were caught and released, according to estimates by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Another 600,000 migrants were detected entering but never stopped. They are known as “gotaways.” An unknown number have managed to sneak into the U.S. while avoiding detection altogether.

Also included in the legislation:

• Restarting border wall construction.
• Adding more Border Patrol agents.
• Reel in Team Bidens’s expansive and legally iffy use of “parole” to welcome illegals.
• Tighten the rules on claiming asylum.
• Push to end the practice of catch-and-release.

“The Republican bill also would erect a hurdle for migrants who flee their homes and travel through another country to reach the U.S. The belief is that if they were truly fleeing persecution, they would have sought asylum in the countries they crossed, but by continuing to the U.S., they showed their claim is more about regular immigration than fleeing harm,” Stephen Dinan wrote for The Washington Times.

The Secure the Border Act is scheduled for a vote this week.

Biden’s handlers said he would veto the legislation.

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